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Koinonia Communications was incorporated in 1982 for the express purpose of publishing the writings of Jeffrey Brackeen. Prior to this Mr. Brackeen owned and edited The Standard, a magazine published in Missoula, Montana for several years. When he began publishing The Seventh Trumpet newsletter in 1982 and writing various books, it was determined that a new publishing vehicle was needed to promote these writing. Thus began Koinonia Communications.

Must reading for the person who would better understand the issues and events of our own day and the potential for tomorrow.


Mr. Brackeen was born in Texas in 1942 and was educated in various schools.

He considers himself very fortunate to have met teachers belonging to the ancient wisdom schools, in his early days, who steered him in his education, development and initiation.

His writings have inspired many to action and devotion to the cause of Christ.

He has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences, conventions, and has appeared on various television and radio talk shows.

He has crisscrossed the United States and Canada, presenting seminars, symposiums and talks on subjects as varied as history, astronomy, sacred geometry, social, political, economic and theological issues.
Contact information:

Koinonia Communications
P. O. Box 5698
Lake Havasu City, AZ. 86404
E-Mail: Jeffrey Brackeen