This is a work which has taken years of research
to compile and edit.

Each of these Gospels has been edited to bring them from archaic idioms into contemporary English and then arranged chronologically to present a harmonious sequence.

Study for yourself, such original Apostolic writings as: Philip's Books of the Savior (Pistis Sophia), The Gospel of the Hebrews, The Gospel of the Egyptians,

The Lost Gospel of Peter, The Apocalypse of Peter, The Gospel of Barnabus, The Gospel of Philip, The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Matthias,

The Secret Book of James, John's Sophia of Jesus, The Gospel of Nicodemus, Gospel of the Nazareans, The Gospel of Joseph of Arimathaea,

The Lost Gospel of Mary Magdalene, The Acts of Philip, The Acts of John, The Apocalypse of Thomas, Philip's Dialogue of the Savior, Bartholomew's Gospel,
Bartholomew's Book of the Resurrection
and many more.

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