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The Twelve Foundation Stones and the Portals

  1. The Meaning of the Mandala
  2. Jesus Second Axiom-Make the Left Hand Like the Right Hand
  3. Too Much Left Brain Use is Creating Many Illnesses
  4. Psychological Implications
  5. Understanding Ezekiel's Four Levels
  6. The Zodiacs of Babylon and Egypt
  7. Ley Lines, Power Points & Sacred Temples
  8. The Universe Is Made of 90% Dark Matter and 10% Light Matter
  9. The Kingdom of Heaven
  10. The Seven Levels of Consciousness & The Seven Elohim
  11. The Seven Levels of Consciousness & the Question of Inspiration of the Bible
  12. The Somatic Gospel, Plus The Origins of the New Testament

Jesus Second Axiom-Make the Left Hand Like the Right Hand

"I took my place in the midst of the world and appeared to them in the flesh, yet I found all of them intoxicated. I did not find any of them thirsty. My soul is afflicted for the sons of men, because they are blind in heart and do not see, for they came into the world empty and they seek to leave the world empty. At the moment, they are intoxicated. Only if they shake off the wine, will they be able to repent.” - Gospel of Thomas

“I have come that they might have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” - John 10:10 “

In our first article dealing with this subject, on the last page, I utilized a couple of symbols from the Tarot Cards. One was called The Wheel of Fortune and the other misnamed The World. This was intended to be a blind to those who are not spiritually developed enough to appreciate who the beautiful lady holding the two wands is. My discussion of who

this beautiful woman is, will have to wait until the final installments of this study. In fact, The World could perhaps, more rightly, just as well be applied to the Wheel of Fortune. It is controlled to some extent by the three figures on the outer periphery of the sphere, all of which symbolize the Demiurge: The Serpent, The Dragon and The Lion. All of these designations have been applied to the Devil, in the New Testament.

The lettering inside the Wheel can be read in different Ways: Taro (the Way), The Tora (law of Moses) or Rota, signifying the cycles of reincarnation. All are correct.

In that article we laid a foundation by showing that the Signs of the Zodiac are figuratively divided into four Elements. Earth, Water, Air and Fire. And we showed how these four Elements correspond to our Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual development. Furthermore, we noted that each Sign corresponds to a seven year period in the life of an individual. (Science tells us that it takes seven years, for all the cells in our bodies is be replaced.) We also saw how that the Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit are cleansed by four invisible elements, as that person’s life went through three kinds of fire, or water, etc.

In the Book of Daniel, we see a wonderful symbol of this, when Nebuchadnezzar cast the three Hebrew youths Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace. When he peered into the furnace, he saw a fourth person emerge and said, “Lo, I see four men walking loose in the midst of the fire and they are not harmed and the fourth is like the Son of God.1 Did not Paul write, that the creature, which has

been subjected to vanity against its will, now awaits the “manifestation of the Sons of God”2 The purpose of this study will be to assist those souls who wish to attain Self-Realization to do so. In so doing, we will examine the four implements laying in front of The Magician. (page 4) The figure 8 laying sideways above his head symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Modern physicists use this symbol to designate infinity but its ancient meaning is just what I’ve stated.


The other day, I heard a T.V. evangelist mention the Tarot Cards in the same breath as the Ouji Board. Normally, I would have written a letter or something, in an attempt to correct the brother but this man was so ignorant with his certainty, that I figured I’d just be convincing him against his will. The first records we have of the Tarot Cards being used,

come from the 11th Century. They were first used in northern Italy and southern France. The Taro River in northern Italy was the home of the Novationists, a group of Christians who had been driven from Rome by the Catholic church about 400 B.C. because of their demands for purity in the lives of priests and bishops. They were the original Cathars.

These cards were developed and painted by an Order of holy men, who were seeking a way to transmit spiritual information across the divide of numerous languages, without having to translate the scriptures into all those same languages. As I have shown elsewhere, these cards

were designed by some extremely wise people who possessed a profound understanding of the Christian Mysteries. They understood their own weaknesses and foibles as well as those of their fellow men. They purposely divided the deck of seventy-eight cards into two arcana: 22 Majors and 56 Minors.

Today’s modern card makers have taken the 56 Minor cards and converted them into gaming and fortune-telling devices, but this was not their original purpose. These 56 cards have been changed somewhat, in that the original Staff has now become a Club. The Pentacle has become

a Diamond. The Sword has become a Spade and the Cups have become Hearts. Each suite still has its own King, Queen, Knight and Page, just as the originals did. But you will not find the 22 Major Arcana in a deck of playing cards, because the Mysteries they speak of, would only distract those interested in playing a game of cards.

When I was young, I used to hear a song on the radio, written by ‘Tex’ Ritter, I believe, about a man in prison who used his deck of playing cards for a Bible. ‘Tex’ must have had a pretty good understanding of the original cards to write such a song.

In addition to the King, Queen, Knight and Page, each suite has ten additional cards. So, we see that each suite has fourteen cards. I will not comment on the profound truths represented in this arrangement for the present, but will save it for a later writing. The reason I am using the Ryder-Waite Tarot Deck is because it comes the closest of all the modern decks to the original cards used by the Cathars.


When a soul is incarnated into a body, we say that he or she is passing through Aries(even though they may be born under another Sign), because Aries, like this Staff represents Will and Life. Before a baby can be conceived, a microscopic sperm must travel a great distance before it can fertilize an egg. If it is a baby kangaroo, it must find its own way to its mother’s pouch, after it is born and crawl inside or it will perish, because her arms are not long enough to assist it. This requires Will-power. Therefore, The Staff represents the Will-to-Be, whose symbol is Fire.

The glyph showing the Fool, has him carrying his staff across his shoulder, with all his worldly possessions tied to it. His dog is certain to go over the edge and fall to its death below and unless he awakens instantly, he will likewise perish. There are Four major

components to real Awareness; the first of which is Will:

When we are born, we have strong Wills. When we hunger, we scream. When our diapers need changing, we let our mothers know. When we don’t want to eat food, we throw it on the floor and basically get our own way. But then education sets in and we learn to be docile. And for many, the Will atrophies completely. Only gradually do we again learn to exercise Will through Choice, Decision, Movement, Memory, Focus and Attention.


This ancient symbol was usually made from clay, therefore it represents Earth. The one in our pictograph apparently is made from Gold and so it symbolizes the fruit of our labors. The Pentagram in the center represents our five senses, so it also stands for Sense. From the time we are born, we begin experiencing sensory input which includes unprocessed information, waking Consciousness, excretion, and sex. Sense becomes the strong arm of the Left Brain.

Consciousness begins with the proper use of our five Senses: Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting and Toughing. This is ‘Waking Consciousness’. It includes the intake of data, perceptions and unprocessed information. Unfortunately in childhood, our senses become blunted. Depending upon how we are trained or not trained, we begin to ignore and forget perceptions, unless they are verified by our parents or other adults. Experiences involving, ‘extra-sensory perceptions’, ‘telepathy’ (hearing others thoughts), ‘clairvoyance’ (seeing the future) and fleeting memories of former incarnations are discouraged, ridiculed and sometimes even punished. These abilities are therefore suppressed and only with difficulty do they come back to full strength in adulthood.


The other mighty arm of the Left Brain is Mind or Thinking. The Mind and the Sword are both air symbols. As a sign of Awareness, it includes, Intuition, Thinking, Ordering, Arranging, Reason and deep Sleep. As a sign of action, it represents Decisions - Yes/No, Doing, Control,. Carrying out work, Accomplishing with care, etc.

In youth, it becomes all to easy to let someone else make our decisions for us. And because of the influence of Television, our attention spans become considerably shortened to twenty minute segments. Our ability to reason and think for ourselves atrophies and we become lazy. Will and Reasoning must be strengthen before we attain advanced age or they will lie dormant throughout our lives.


Now, just as the Staff represents Fire and Spirit and the Pentacle represents Earth and Body, while the Sword represents Air and Mind, so does the Cup represent Water and the Soul. It represents our Emotions, such as Love, Hate and Passion. It represents our Feelings such as Exhilaration, Laughter, Sorrow and Joy. It also represents Moods, such as Humor, Enthusiasm, Fun and Playfulness. As a driving force, it represents our Right brain, Instincts, Impulses, Drives, Intensity, Dreams and Chaos.

Just as with our other resources, the ability to ‘feel’ gets stunted during youth. Boys especially, are taught to repress their instinctive feelings, whether that be aggression or sex. Things relating to the ‘subconscious’ become verboten, we loose contact with our ‘dream world’, desires, even goals. Material consumption is drummed into our subconscious's via subliminal T.V. ads.

Because of such mind- programming, we need to hear the words of the Apostle Paul, who wrote, “Those of you who must use the world, do not use it to the full, for the fashion (literally ‘stage show’) of this world will pass away.”3. In another place, he writes, “Therefore, he says, ‘Awake thou who sleeps; arise from the dead and Christ shall give thee Light.”4

Another Tarot Card, which has been misnamed is the one called Judgment. It should actually be called The Resurrection. Jesus explained, “Truth did not come into the world naked, but it came in types and images. One cannot receive truth in any other way. There is a Rebirth and there is an image of rebirth. It is necessary therefore to be born again through the image. What is the Resurrection except an image arising through its image. The being and the image must enter through the image into the truth and this becomes the Restoration. One receives this in the aromatic Anointing and this power is called the Right’ and the ‘Left’5


In the book, The Martyrdom of Peter, we find Jesus making a curious statement, “Unless you make the left hand like the right hand and the things above like the things below and the things in front like the things behind, you will not realize the Kingdom.”6 By studying the card depicting the Resurrection, it becomes quite obvious that Brother Waite and Miss Ryder understood exactly what they were drawing.

The glyph shows a child (the reborn soul) arising from a coffin. To his right and left are a woman and a man. In front of him, he beholds the exact image of himself and the woman and the man. To understand this scene, permit me to quote from St. Clement concerning the crucifixion of St. Peter outside Rome. “At his own request, he was crucified upside

down. As Peter hung there, he began to speak of the fall of Adam and how he had plunged head downward, ‘Wherein he made the things of the Right hand into the Left hand the Left hand into the Right hand and changed above all the marks of their nature so that he thought those things that were not fair to be fair, and those things that were in truth evil to be good. Concerning which, the Lord said in a Mystery, Unless you make the things of the Right hand as those on the Left hand and those on the Left as those on the Right, you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’”7

Again, we see this Mystery portrayed very graphically in this glyph. As we look at the Hanged Man, we see that he is far from being dead. His face shines with a bright glow and his legs make a cross.


A couple nights ago, C-Span televised a live discussion from up-state Minnesota concerning this question. I listened in amazement as first one party then the other sought to denigrate religion or science, depending upon his own perspective. As I watched, it came to me that something was missing and that has to do with our own nature.


Siegmand Freud and Karl Jung differed dramatically in their approach to Psychology. Their friendship eventually came to an end because Freud viewed Jung as too ‘mystical’. In the first place Freud viewed anyone who was religious as being ‘mentally ill’. To him, the unconscious consisted of instincts, sex, hunger and aggression. His universe was godless. Jung, on the other hand, went on beyond basic instincts to discover the ‘archetypes which can be found in every race and civilization. He discovered that these belonged to the ‘collective unconsciousness’.

Modern researchers have discovered that the upper portion of our brains - the neocortex - is divided into two parts; the left brain and the right brain. Each part is likewise divided between front and rear.

The Left brain is associated with day time activities and is in one sense Spirit or ‘male’. The Right brain is associated with the Soul and is therefore ‘female’. Each of the four parts of the neocortex produces its own waves. The Right and Left brains produce Theta and Beta waves, while the rear and fore brains Alpha and Delta brain waves. The Left brained individual is an ‘intellectual’, who usually ignores his spiritual side, whereas the Right brained individual is often religiously inclined to the neglect of finances. He may be an introvert, while his left brained brother may be in extrovert.

When we were children, the right side of the brain dominated our lives - play, laughter, imagination and fantasy. As we became teen agers, our actives begin to lean heavily to the left brain. We are trained to be culturally conscious. We learn to adapt to cultural conditioning at the expense of our true desires and personal wishes. The majority of us

never attain to an evenly balanced left/right brain stage. The sad fact of the matter, is that today’s corporate dominated society is almost totally left brain centered. So, to say that Religion is good and science is bad or science is good and religion is bad is ludicrous. Both have erroneous extremes that lead men into war and insanity. But when well used, both are good.

Jesus said, “When you have made the two one, and when you have made the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside and that which is above like that which is below, and when you have made the Male and Female one and the same, so that the Male is not male and the Female is not female, and when you have created an Eye in the place of an eye and a Hand in the place of a hand and a Foot in the place of a foot and an Image in the place of an image then you will enter the Kingdom. When you have made the two one, you will become the Sons of Man and you will say, ‘Mountain move away’ and it will move away.” - Gospel of Thomas8

It seems to me that Jesus knew much more about Psychology than any man alive today. He came not solely that we might come to Life but that we might enjoy that Life Abundantly. God willing, we will delve deeper into these mysteries in our next newsletter. God bless you and yours. - Jeffrey Brackeen


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