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The Twelve Foundation Stones and the Portals

  1. The Meaning of the Mandala
  2. Jesus Second Axiom-Make the Left Hand Like the Right Hand
  3. Too Much Left Brain Use is Creating Many Illnesses
  4. Psychological Implications
  5. Understanding Ezekiel's Four Levels
  6. The Zodiacs of Babylon and Egypt
  7. Ley Lines, Power Points & Sacred Temples
  8. The Universe Is Made of 90% Dark Matter and 10% Light Matter
  9. The Kingdom of Heaven
  10. The Seven Levels of Consciousness & The Seven Elohim
  11. The Seven Levels of Consciousness & the Question of Inspiration of the Bible
  12. The Somatic Gospel, Plus The Origins of the New Testament


"I shall give to you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what no hand has handled and what has never occurred to human mind. It is only to those worthy of my Mysteries that I will reveal my Mysteries. Therefore, do not let your Left hand know what your Right hand is doing.” - Jesus, per Papius

Paul Maclean discovered in his research on the human brain that by far, most of Western Society never escapes the trap of the Left Brain and its Ego. Consequently, all types of illnesses result because of the lack of contact with the Right Brain, which contains the Self. Because of the polarity between the Left Brain and the Right Brain techniques must

be used to make contact between them and begin the Integration process. His experiments revealed that this process can only be accomplished by leaving the neocortex (upper portion of our brain) and causing our consciousness to descend into the lower brains, before rising again to make contact with the Right Brain. I am going to ask you to remember this point.

As we saw in our last article, the upper portion of our brain, the neocortex, occupies abut two-thirds of the total brain mass. Underneath the neocortex are two other brains that are totally distinct in their own right. Maclean, who is Director of the Laboratory of Brain Evolution and Behavior in Poolesville, Maryland says that these three brains perform like “three interconnected biological computes, each with its own special intelligence, its own subjectivity, its own sense of time and space and its own memory.” 1

The lowest brain was the first to evolve according to him. It consists of the brain stem and the cerebellum and is essentially the same brain that Reptiles possess. It controls our automatic functions, breathing, heartbeat, balance and muscles. It is therefore, obsessive, compulsive, ritualistic and paranoid and it is filled with race memories.

Maclean calls the ‘middle brain’ home of the ‘limbic system’ and of affective memories. Since it holds the olfactory bulb, it is called the ‘smell’ brain. I was shocked by his statement that when this brain is stimulated with mild electrical current , different emotional experiences occur, such as fear, rage, joy pain, and pleasure. He discovered that when the limbic system was activated with the cortex shut down, it would produce feelings of deja-vu, waking dreams and religious conversion experiences.

As I pointed out in our last issue, the upper brain (the neocortex) is divided into four parts. The Left side of our brain which carries our waking, sensing consciousness, produces Beta waves. The frontal lobe of the Left side supports thinking and contemplation and produces Alpha waves. The Right side of our brain supports feeling and dreaming and produces Theta waves. Its hind part is associated with sleeping and acting and it produces Delta waves.

Researches have discovered that if the two sides of our brain are not brought into balance, the process of integration cannot transpire. They have come to agree with Jesus, as I shall show, that full body Awareness is the beginning to total Consciousness. And surprisingly, it is the ‘Reptile’ brains that can help us escape the Left brain trap. We will be exploring ways to accomplish this objective and maybe even the attaining of God-Consciousness, by involving the body.


We are furthermore told by other researchers, who are working to unravel the mysteries in the DNA coding of our cells, that there are literally hundreds of miles of DNA coding in our bodies. Now, they have discovered what some of these spirals represent but they are baffled by what they regard as excess of hundreds of miles of wiring! One

researcher called it a waste. I would ask, what if that extra coding was placed there, in the event that we should achieve a state of Consciousness approaching divinity? In our first issue of this study, I used a pictoglyph called ‘The Magician’ and in the second issue, I

began to reveal the meaning of the four implements on his table: the Staff, the Sword, the Cup and the Pentacle. These tools are available to us for the transformation of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves and they correspond to the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


Somewhere I read that there are Twenty-Three Zodiacs displayed in Washington D. C. on our public buildings and another thousand planetary and astrological symbols throughout the city.

Even at this very moment, there are many who become violently disturbed when they read the writings of Origen and Clement of Alexandria. Both of these men stated in unequivocal terms that many of the stories in the New Testament about Jesus have hidden meanings

borrowed from astrological symbols. Even Jesus himself advised his disciples, “Be careful therefore to grasp the inner meaning of what I tell you and not just the outer form of my words, if you wish to have eternal life.” - Gospel of Barnabus2

So many in our day have experimented with drugs such as L. S. D. and peyote, in an effort to reach God. Others have destroyed their minds by dabbling with Kundalini energy, without the aid of a trained master and even a few, who did work with masters have also lost their minds pursuing the Kundalini fire. I have always encouraged my friends to stay away from those practices.

Jean Houston and her husband, have more or less taken up where Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell left off in their research. She is encouraging her friends to use guided imagery, poetry and Myth to reach transpersonal levels. She writes, “An emphasis on myth and story began to be essential to my work since about 1980. I discovered that

one could go further and deeper with human capacities development work if it was encoded in myth. This is because the Great Story inherent in many myths provides the template for transformation. However ancient myths carry the coded matrices of the next steps in human development and evolution.”

She and her husband have used various methods, as she readily admits, “Working with hundreds of research subjects since 1965, we investigated methods with which the body can be psychophysically rehabilitated and a physical functioning that more closely approaches the optimal that can be achieved. We explored the experimental and

pragmatic value of altered and expanded states of consciousness, alternative cognitive modes, new styles of learning, thinking in images, thinking kinesthetically, time distortion, and the evocation of the creative process. This work has been fertilized by a variety of techniques ancient and modern; the programming of dreams, the voluntary control of

involuntary physiological states assisted by biofeedback and autogenic training, the many varieties of neurological reeducation, and even the induction of religious and other peak experiences, as well as many other varieties of innate mental and physical capacities - all available to, but rarely used by, most beings.”3


On the cover of the first issue dealing with this subject is a Mandala, composed of twelve gem stones that represent the twelve Apostles. We have already noted that the twelve Apostles, beginning with Peter and ending with Judas Iscariot (or Matthias as the case may be) form the foundations for the new city called Jerusalem. ( The order of the Apostles can be obtained by comparing the four separate lists of their names found in the New Testament.)4

A couple days ago, I was having lunch with a local pastor and we got to discussing the question of whether there can be Apostles today and we both agreed that there have to be Apostles today, just as there were 2000 years ago. But the next question arises,


It seems to me that there are two crucial tests for the person who claims to be an Apostle of Christ. The first is whether or not he has been with Christ, and I don’t mean that in a metaphysical sense. When the Apostle Peter was encouraging his fellow Apostles to appoint another to replace Judas Iscariot, who had hanged himself (or thrown himself over a cliff), he suggested that they ordain one “of those men who have accompanied us the entire time that the Lord Jesus went in and out among us, beginning with baptism of John unto the day that he was taken up [to heaven] from us, to be a witness with us of his Resurrection.” 5

It was said of Peter and John that the people recognized by their preaching, that “they had been with Jesus.”6 I will grant you that Saul of Tarsus did not fit this bill, but the Lord did appear to him in a vision and ordain him to be an Apostle to the Gentiles. Of those who have laid claim to being an Apostle in our age, I think I would have to include the name of William Branham as one of Christ’s true Apostles, because Jesus did literally appear to him.

The second test for me would be whether or not he is teaching the Mysteries of Christ. I am going to share two of those Mysteries with you in this writing, which I believe involve the use of the physical body in two important ways. But before I comment on them, I must reveal them to those who may not be familiar with them. On the night when

Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot, after the traitor had left the dinner, Jesus taught his Apostles a hymn and a dance and he called both of them a Mystery. Both were referred to in various Post-Apostolic writings, so there is no question as to whether or not he taught them. The question is why?


“. . .He told them to form a Circle and to hold each other’s hands. Standing in the middle, he said, Before I am delivered into their hands, let us sing a Hymn to the Father before we go out to meet what lies before us.

“He said to them Answer back ‘Amen’ to me as I sing. So he began to sing and they began to circle around him, answering back ‘Amen’.

“Glory be to you, Father and they answered back ‘Amen’. Glory be to you Logos. Glory be to you Grace. ‘Amen’

Glory be to you, Spirit. Glory be to you Holy One. Glory be to your glory. ‘Amen’ We praise you, Father. We thank you, Light: in whom no darkness dwells. ‘Amen’.”

“Why do we give you thanks? I tell you. I will be saved and I will save. ‘Amen’.”

“I will be loosed, and I will loose. ‘Amen’.

“I will be wounded and I will wound. ‘Amen’.

“I will be born and I will bear. ‘Amen’.

“I will eat and I will be eaten. ‘Amen’.

“I will hear and I will be heard. ‘Amen’.

“I will be thought, being wholly thought. ‘Amen’.

“I will be washed and I will wash. ‘Amen’.

“Grace dances: I will pipe. All of you Dance. ‘Amen’.

I will mourn, all of you beat your breasts. ‘Amen’.

“The Eighth [Eighth Heaven] sings praises with us. ‘Amen’.

“The number Twelve dances on High. ‘Amen’.

“To the Universe belongs the dancer. ‘Amen’.

“He, who does not dance, doesn’t know what happens. ‘Amen’.

“I will flee and I will remain. ‘Amen’.

“I will adorn and I will be adorned. “Amen’.

“I will unite and I will be united. ‘Amen’

“I have no house and I have houses. ‘Amen’.

“I have no place and I have places. ‘Amen’.

“I have no temple and I have temples. ‘Amen’.

“Now, if you follow my dance,

“See yourself in Me who speaks.

And when you have seen what I do, keep silent about my Mysteries.

“You, who dance, consider what I do, for yours is this Passion of Man, which I am to suffer.

“For you could by no means have understood what you suffer,

“Unless to you as Logos, I have been sent by the Father.

“You who saw what I suffered, saw me as suffering

“And seeing it, you did not stay but were wholly moved.

“Being moved towards Wisdom (Sophia) you have me as a support; Rest in me.

“Who I Am, you shall know, when I go forth.”

“You shall see, when you come yourself.

“Learn how to suffer and you shall be able not to suffer.

“What you do not know, I myself will teach you.

“I Am your God, but not the traitor’s.

“I will that holy Souls be prepared for me.

“Understand the word of Wisdom!

“As for me, if you would understand what I was, by the saying

“I mocked at all things and I was not mocked at all.

“I exulted, but understand the whole,

“And when you have understood it, say, Glory be to you Father.

“Say again with me, Glory be to you Father, Glory be to you Word, Glory be to you Spirit. ‘Amen’

And after the Lord had danced with them, they went out.”7

When contrasting the Greek Mysteries with the Christian Mysteries, Clement of Alexandria told the Greeks, “O truly sacred mysteries! O pure Light! Amid the gleam of torches falls the veil that covers God and Heaven. I become holy by Initiation. The Lord reveals the sacred Signs for He himself is the Hierophant. . . And thou shalt dance with angels around the unbegotten and imperishable and only true God and God’s Logos shall join with us in our hymns of praise.”8

This was the very song and dance, taught by one of the first Christians to be put to death by the Catholic Church. The learned and noble Priscillian of Avila, Spain (350-385 A.D.) was brought to trial, along with some of his followers, by bishop Hydatus and accused of practicing ‘witchcraft’ and caused to be put to death.

St. Augustine, in one of his writings, speaks of the song and dance, saying, “The hymn of praise which they impute to our Lord Jesus Christ, to be sure is found in various books. This practice [the dance] is not peculiar to the Priscillianists, but is also used by members of various other sects. . . . The Lord’s hymn which he secretly imparted to the holy Apostles, disciples and of which it is recorded in the Gospel,

‘And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the Mount of Olives’, they say it does not stand in the canonical books because of those who think according to their own mind and not according to the spirit and truth of God, wherefore, it is also written, ‘It is good to keep close the Secret of a King, but it is honorable to reveal the works of God.’”9

Tertullian also speaks of this sacred song and dance which Christ taught his disciples in secret. It is divided into Eight parts. Many of the early Christian churches practiced this dance. The symbol of a Circle with a Dot in the Center remained as a sacred symbol to the Cathars.

Among those groups who still perform this dance today, the men move counter-clock wise, while the women who participate today, move clock-wise. It is always performed under the full moon and it is said to impart enormous ‘baraka’ (an Aramaic word for power).


On the first page of this study is our Mandala showing a Cross of gold. The Cross had great meaning to the early Christians but there is one meaning that has well nigh been forgotten by the people of the West, with the exception of our native American Indian nations. Anyone who

has seen a ‘Medicine Wheel’ in Arizona or New Mexico will recognize the Cross in the center of the Wheel. Jesus placed enormous emphasis on the Four Directions in the various rituals he taught his people. John the Beloved alludes to this in his book The Revelation.

“And he carried me away in spirit to a great, high Mountain and showed me the great city, the Holy Jerusalem descending out of heaven from God. . . .[It] had a wall, great and high, which had twelve Gates and at [each] Gate an Angel, with the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel on them. On the East [there were] three gates; on the North, three Gates; on the South three Gates and on the West, three Gates.”10

What I find interesting is the fact that Priscillian was put to death in the beginning of the 4th Century for secret practices performed by one of the very first Bishops of Rome and I refer to Clement of Rome. There is an account written in Syriac, which says that Clement the friend of the Apostle Peter, had some disciples form a circle with certain ones

facing East, West, North and South. This account is titled, “The Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ as delivered by him orally, to us the Apostles after his Resurrection, following his Death”. This account also speaks of “visiting angels” who come to witness the participants.11

“In celebrating the sacrificial death of the Lord, the bishop would make the sacrifice, the veil of the gate being drawn aside as a sign of the straying of the former people; he would make the offering within the veil along with priests, deacons, authorized widows, subdeacons,

deaconess, readers and such as were endowed with spiritual gifts. As the leader, the bishop stood in the middle. . . [with the men and women assigned their places, North, South, East and West, around him]. Then all give each other the Sign of Peace. Next, when absolute silence is

established, the deacon says: ‘Let your hearts be lifted to heaven. If anyone has any ill feeling towards his neighbor, let him be reconciled. If anyone has any hesitation or mental reservation [doubts] let him make it known; if anyone finds any of the teachings uncongenial, let him withdraw [etc.] For the Father of Lights is our witness with the Son and

visiting angels. Take care lest you have ought against your neighbor . . . Lift up your hearts for the sacrifice of redemption and eternal life. Let us be grateful for the knowledge which God is giving us.’ The bishop . . . says in an awesome voice: ‘Our Lord be with you!’ And all the people respond: ‘And with thy spirit.’”12

The 1st Century Bishop Ignatius of Antioch said that the Dance of the Twelve around Jesus was “in imitation of God”.13 Philo, the great Jewish mystic, when explaining the Eight heavens above Earth, said, “The soul . . . is borne ever higher to the ether and the circuit of heaven

and is carried around with the dances of the Planets and fixed stars in accordance with the laws of perfect music, reaching out after. . . the patterns of the originals of things of the senses, which it saw here (while on earth) longing to see the Great King himself.”14

When Isaiah was ascending through his Ascensions, he was advised not to worship any of the heavenly beings, as he passed ever upward through the Circles of singing and praise, since all of them, in each realm was praising “Him who sits in the Seventh Heaven.”15 But let me return to the subject of the Four Directions.

In the 2nd Book of Jeu, a very early Christian work, we find Jesus arranging the Apostles and some of his women followers into a circle around himself. They are all clad in white clothing, while he stands at an Altar. “Thomas, Andrew, James and Simon the Canaanite were in the West, with their faces turned towards the East, but Philip and

Bartholomew were in the South with their faces turned towards the North, but the other disciples and the women disciples stood behind Jesus . . . And Jesus cried out, turning towards the four corners of the world with his disciples. . . and said: Iao, Iao, Iao. . .”16


How Jesus knew that there were nine planets revolving around our Sun would be a Mystery if we did not know that he was with The Father when the worlds were founded (or literally ‘cast down’).17 On two separate occasions, he told his disciples that there are nine planets

revolving in heaven. On one of those occasions, Bartholomew asked him about Paradise and Jesus responded, “Paradise is so vast that no man could begin to measure it. I tell you the truth, There are Nine Heavens and set among these are the Nine Planets which are distant from one another five hundred years by man’s travel.”- Gospel of Barnabus18

The nine planets that Jesus refers to may have been the nine planets in our Solar System or they may be like the Nine Super-heavenly planets that Krishna spoke of in the Bagavad-gita. We are only beginning to realize the impact that our planets have upon Earth. Not only are they symbols of virtues and vices as I have already demonstrated in these articles but they are teaching us other lessons, which we’ll have to leave till our next article. God bless. Jeffrey Brackeen


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