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The Twelve Foundation Stones and the Portals

  1. The Meaning of the Mandala
  2. Jesus Second Axiom-Make the Left Hand Like the Right Hand
  3. Too Much Left Brain Use is Creating Many Illnesses
  4. Psychological Implications
  5. Understanding Ezekiel's Four Levels
  6. The Zodiacs of Babylon and Egypt
  7. Ley Lines, Power Points & Sacred Temples
  8. The Universe Is Made of 90% Dark Matter and 10% Light Matter
  9. The Kingdom of Heaven
  10. The Seven Levels of Consciousness & The Seven Elohim
  11. The Seven Levels of Consciousness & the Question of Inspiration of the Bible
  12. The Somatic Gospel, Plus The Origins of the New Testament



Beloved Friends;

Our previous discussions on these subjects were somewhat of an esoteric nature. From this point on, I hope to deal with some of the more practical aspects of our subject - a kind of ‘how to’ approach - if you will, for realizing the High Self. We have looked at the Seven levels of Consciousness, the Seven Chakras and the Seven Bodies of man, in a cursory manner. To refresh your minds, permit me to use a chart.

1. Physical Maladhara (Foundation) Patala (Earth)
2. Emotional (Etheric) Swadhishthan (Death) Mahatala (Water)
3. Astral Manipur (Diamond) Rasatala (Air)
4. Mental Anahata (Unstruck
Sound or Never Knocked)
Talatala (Fire)
5. Spiritual Visuddhi (Purity) Sutala
6. Cosmic Ajna (Order) Vitala
7. Nirvanic Sahasrara Padma (One Thousand Petal Lotus or Crown) Atala


The Authorized Version of the New Testament in several places uses the phrase ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ , when in reality, it should have been translated ‘Kingdom of the Heavens or Realms’, for there are several heavenly realms. In the Hebrew, the word used, would be ‘shamayim’, which always means heavens in the plural.

Most of our Christian friends speak of dying and going to ‘heaven’ as if there was only one heaven to go to. But I am afraid it’s a little more complicated than that, for just as the Seven Bodies of man interpenetrate each other, so likewise, do some of these ‘heavens’. We should probably use the word ‘realms’ here instead. To illustrate what I trying

to convey, recall that there is a "Prince (Archon) of the power of the air" who is supposedly Satan. There is also a "Prince" of the nation of Israel, named Michael, etc.1 So, there are different levels and realms called ‘heaven’ and some of these interpenetrate each other.

Unfortunately, the chart I have laid out above is just a little too simple, in as much as the levels of Consciousness do not correspond identically to the Seven Bodies or the Seven main Chakras, but there are correspondence between them.

For the most part, the majority of our neighbors live out the whole of their lives in only the lower two levels. Occasional they will receive an inspiration from a higher level. But we are called upon to strive to enter these higher levels, while we are in this life time.

When the blessed Jesus walked this Earth, he taught his disciples three distinct Sciences: Prayer, Fasting and Watching. Now, I realize that a lot of people tend to look upon these as being synonymous but they are not. Prayer, to be effectual must be scientific and Fasting must be carefully planed and Watching is a Science that involves several

processes, such as Self-Observation, Self-Control and Self-Realization. In our previous writings, we explored two of Jesus’ injunctions, which were to "Know yourself" and to "Make the Left hand like the Right hand".

Now, beloved, it is impossible for us to Know ourselves apart from the Science of Watching. And this whole process must begin with our physical bodies. This may come as a surprise to you, but Western man has become so disassociated from his own body, that he does not even recognize the signals that it sends to him. We tend to live in an

unconscious mode, so far as our bodies go. Again, you may think I am exaggerating but I'm not. What with radio, television, computers, traffic jams, etc. we lead a very sensory filled existence. If we walk about in a state of unawareness, we will surely stub our toes or bang our heads

against some protrusion. Most of us are not truly Aware of our own bodies - we think we are - but until we can learn to practice Controlled Awareness in our physical bodies, we will not be able to climb Jacob’s ladder of Angels.


The Apostle Paul wrote that our real battle is not with flesh and blood, although sometimes we do encounter military presences; our real warfare is with Principalities and Powers of Darkness and since our higher bodies occupy greater space than our physical bodies, it is

possible for those entities to exist within us like so many parasites. One of the doctrines which has been pretty thoroughly erased from the teachings of the Church is the ancient doctrine of ‘Emanations’ which includes all kinds of heavenly beings such as Principalities and Powers.

These Gnostic teachings were a source of embarrassment to the Roman Church in Constantine’s day, because it was seeking to align itself with the civil power of Rome, which was universally viewed by Gnostic Christians as being controlled by the Archons of the lower heavens.

Indeed, it was the lower Elohim, who created the bodies of man from the shells of other entities, so as to trap the particles of light and keep them from returning to the Pleroma.

Our Physical bodies possess many programs and memories which keep us entangled and estranged from the Mansions of God. Just because Jesus drove seven ‘demons’ from Mary Magdalene does not mean that she was a whore, as is popularly believed. We all have many

false egos that must be driven out in order for us to be ‘Born Again’. If we were to look at the process of human birth, we would realize that it takes NINE MONTHS from conception to actual birth before a human is born the first time. So why be surprised that it takes a period of time for the second Birth to occur.


"Listen to what I have to tell you concerning Watching. Since there are two kinds of sleep; that of the body and that of the soul, you must be careful that while the body is Watching, the soul does not fall asleep. . . .I tell you the truth that the man who Watches with the body while letting his soul sleep is crazy, because spiritual ailments are much more difficult to cure than physical ailments.". . . "Fasting and Watching are so inseparably connected that if a man breaks off Watching, he also breaks his Fast. For when a man commits a sin, he breaks the Fast of the soul and forgets God. . . However, it is not possible for all to Watch and Fast all the time, due to sickness or possibly because of old age. Women with infants, children, others with a weak constitution or those on a special diet may not be able to Watch and Fast. . . . A
small child does not wear the clothing of a thirty year old man and neither can all men Watch and Fast alike."2


Karl Jung devoted a great deal of time and energy to the study of Dreams but he was not taught by a master, otherwise he would have realized that there are levels of dreaming which originate from each of our Seven Bodies. Make no mistake about it, the physical body can impinge upon our dream states, for instance, if we eat spicy foods the night before, our dreams will originate from the Physical body. Each level of our bodies, interjects material into our dream life, but we ignore them to our own detriment.

Sigmund Freud was off base when he postulated that etheric dreams originate from suppressed desire. I will grant you that suppressed sexuality can produce sexual fantasies but these are not the same thing. The Physical body does travel through time and space but

not in the dream world. Only the Etheric and Astral bodies can travel. The Etheric body can and does leave the Physical body and journey through space. In one of my Etheric dreams, I flew to Asia and saw mountains and valleys. I flew so low into one of them that I touched the waters of a swamp before reascending.

Religious experiences in the Ethereal realm are real. God spoke to Solomon in a dream and gave him the gift of Wisdom.3 Masters have often appeared to their disciples in the Etheric body. I once offered to come and visit a lady friend, named Trisha, in a dream. The next day, she was eager to tell me about the dream. She said that I came to her

with a metal hoop like the magicians use and caused her to levitate. Then I passed the hoop back and forth over her body. I explained to her that I was able to see a young man, whom she had never met, whom she would fall in love with. I described him to her and sure enough, about a year later she met and married a young man, like the one I had described.

The Astral body is not subject to time or space. It is in our Astral dreams that we are able to journey backward in time but not forward. I have another lady friend, named Elaine, who is quite spiritual. She has traveled back in time and seen two of her previous lifetimes very clearly.

Our Astral body is composed of three auras: The first one clings to the body like a skin of light. The second aura extends out from the Physical body about six to twelve inches but it can expand out further, if need be. The third aura may extend out a full meter.

Dreams originating from the Mental body can show us the future. I have had a number of these, which I recorded in a dream journal. Several of them have already transpired over the years. But the symbols in the Mental body are not the same as those used by the other bodies. It was from this level that the Egyptian Pharaoh saw seven wild boars devour

seven tame boars. Joseph, the Patriarch was able to interpret his dream for him and save Egypt from Seven Years of Drought.4 This body is tantamount to the soul or life force. It is from the Mental body, that great poets, painters, sculptures, artists and inventors have derived much of their inspiration.

When initiating young men, I have used a mirror to help them see their images because mirrors can assist us up to this level but to go beyond to the next level, we have to cast away every kind of image. We cannot be led by a teacher or even by holy scriptures. These must be jettisoned if we are to advance. Beyond this level, the mind does not travel.

Dreams originating from the Spiritual body seem very real, in that they do not use unknown symbols. It was from this level that Master Echardt and Emmanuel Sweedenborg saw grand visions. The nature of this kind of dream, deals with Creation and Racial Myths. It is not uncommon for two persons belonging to the same School to have identical dreams. And it is this body which hopefully evolves from life to life and carries memories with it.

Dreams originating from the Cosmic body show us theories of Oneness about the Cosmos. Duality disappears. This body is brought to life through Transfiguration. It then acts as an intermediator between the Spiritual Self and the High Self, to awaken it and bring it to life.

In the Nirvanic world there are no dreams. Even reality is transcended, for this body is the Higher Self, But before one can reach such a level, one must Know himself and he must make the Right hand into a Left hand. The Ida and Pingala must be freed and the Chakras cleared so that their energy can move freely.


The Etheric body is the Emotional body. It is almost the same size and shape as the Physical body. After the Physical body dies, it remains for thirteen days. This is why the early Christians used to have young virgins sing for departed souls, otherwise they might become Earth bound. It is from the Etheric body that anger, fear, hatred, originate.

Many of these emotions were given to us to protect us. Anger drives us to protect our lives and family. Fear causes us to flee from danger, etc. These are not necessarily evil emotions but we need to learn how to transform them as we build the Christ man in us. Hatred needs to be turned to Love (they come from the same energy). Fearfulness must become Fearlessness. Anger needs to be replaced with Peace. They must be used only when necessary.

The first chakra exists at the base of the spine, in the coccygeal bone and is known as the ‘Foundation’ (Maladhara) chakra. It is here that the Kundalini energy lies coiled like a serpent. The word ‘kundalini’ means ‘coiled’. When this energy is awakened it begins its ascent along

the spine in two forms: the Ida and the Pengala. As these two forms of the same energy arise, they heal and transform the other chakras until they reach the Crown or the Thousand Petal Lotus. This energy can be expended in procreation or it can be made to travel upward, bringing divinity.

It next travels to the Svadisthana chakra, which is very near the Foundation chakra. The Svadisthana chakra has been associated with Death for various reasons. For those who do not transform this energy will be killed by it. Associated with this chakra is the Emotional or Etheric body. If my reader will refer back to page 26 of this series, he will see a glyph of the Tree of Life, he will see Yesod near the bottom. It corresponds roughly to one’s sexual organs. The Rabbis who still study the Kaballah, tell us that this center is one of the three fallen ones. They are Tiphereth (beauty or the heart center), Yesod (foundation) and Malkuth (kingdom or the Physical body).

The third center is the Diamond (Manipur) chakra, so called because of it’s transparency. Associated with this chakra are the solar plexus and the Astral body, seat of sentiment. The animal kingdoms exist with just the first two bodies. Only mankind possesses an Astral body. This chakra can be utterly destroyed by the suppression of laughter, tears, joy and spontainity. Unleash these and it thrives.

Next, the Kundaline energy vivifies the Anahata or Heart chakra, which is associated with the Mental body. The word ‘anahata’ means ‘not knocked’ or ‘unstruck sound’ because it is at this level that the aspirant begins to hear the sacred sound. It usually sounds something like ‘iiiiii’ for the first time listener.

It is at this point in our stage of development, that we begin to look upward, by envisioning a hole in the top of our skull, through which Light enters our body. At this stage, we will begin to experience rapid growth. Here, we must begin to believe in and to see the third Eye, which is situated in the center of the brain, near the pituitary gland.


Before going any further, I want to call the attention of something that Clement of Alexandria once said. He wrote, "All who have treated of divine matters, have always hid the principle of things and have delivered the Truth enigmatically, by Signs, Allegories and Metaphors." So, when we read, "The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron saying, When Pharaoh shall demand a Sign from you, saying Show us a miracle, you shall say to Aaron, Cast your staff upon the ground and it shall become a Serpent."5 Concerning these stories, I would also offer the observation of the great Jewish philosopher, Philo, who wrote, "These things are not just mere fabulous inventions in which the race of poets and sophists delight, but are rather Types, shadowing forth some Allegorical Truth, according to some mystical explanation."

I realize that some of our Fundamentalist friends will say that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was the Devil but is that true? When he said to Eve, "God knows that in the day you eat thereof (the forbidden fruit), your eyes shall be opened and you will become as the Gods,

knowing Good and Evil." They will tell us that he was lying and that it is not possible for a mortal to become God-like. But if that be true, why then did the LORD God admit, "Behold the man has become as one of us, Knowing Good and Evil."6

The early Christians believed that the Serpent was a good symbol, because Moses had made two brass serpents and put them on poles, to heal the people who had been bitten by serpents. They believed that they were to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. In fact, the great teacher Origen interpreted an ancient Christian drawing which they used to use, showing the ‘Fiery Sword’ that guarded the way to the Tree of Life. He said it was situated above the Tree of Life and that "the diameter is a flaming circle, as if it was mounting guard over the tree of Knowledge and of Life." It was drawn exactly like the ones in Egypt of old and India today - the ‘Urdhava-retas’ around the head of yoga master. In other words, this is the flowering of the Sahasrara chakra or the Thousand Petal Lotus. You will recall that Moses was supposed to strike the Rock the first time, with his staff, to
produce Living Water and speak to it the second time. But he got into trouble the second time, because he struck it with his staff. Beloved look behind the Symbols.

May God bless you. I remain Jeffrey Brackeen


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