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The Meaning of the Mandala The Somatic Gospel, Plus The Origens of the New Testament The Seven Levels of Consciousness & the Question of Inspiration of the Bible The Seven Levels of Consciousness & The Seven Elohim The Kingdom of Heaven The Universe Is Made of 90% Dark Matter and 10% Light Matter Ley Lines, Power Points & Sacred Temples The Zodiac of Babylon Understanding Ezekiel's Four Levels Pyschological Implications of the Staffs, Pentacles, Cups & Swords Too Much Left Brain Use Crating many Illneses The Second Axiom of Jesus:  Make the Left Hand Like the Right Hand IIn Search of the Unkonwn God The Paulicans The Powers of the Pneumatic Man Why all the Secrecy? The Woman Who Hid Yeast Sophia Emanations, and  Unfallen Angels Exoteric Interpretation of Genesis One Lost Wisdom Reproving a Famous Teacher
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The outer 12 are the The Twelve Foundation Stones and the Portals
The inner 9 are On the Mysteries (A Letter From Jeffrey to his son Jerome)
And the center is Reproving a Famous Teacher