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On the Mysteries

  1. In Search of an Unknown God
  2. Lost Wisdom of the Ancient Teachers
  3. Exoteric Interpretation of Genesis Chapter One
  4. Emanations, and Unfallen Angels
  5. Sophia
  6. The Woman Who Hid Yeast
  7. Why all the Secrecy?
  8. The Powers of the Pneumatic Man
  9. The Paulicans


Dear Jerome,

Before one can proceed to participation in the higher Mysteries, it is needful for that person to acquaint himself with the Secret Teachings of the ancient Christian Church. As you might suspect, these teachings are not likely to be found in the average theological textbook. Therefore, in this writing, I shall attempt to convey to you in as simple language as I can, these majestic doctrines.

Modern scholars have searched everywhere to discover the origins of Gnostic myths. Some of them contend that this Knowledge originated in Iran; others say it came from Egypt. The simple truth is that it originated from Jewish Wisdom Literature. The Jews were very conversant with

that ancient body of teaching that revolved about the Astrological symbols known as the Signs of the Zodiac. In this writing, we will be looking at some of the teachings regarding Virgo, the Virgin of Light, so called because the upper portion of her Constellation is the birth

place of thousands of Galaxies. It is beautiful to behold with a telescope. We will also look at Andromedia, clothed in her chains and her Redeemer, Perseus, but we shall examine them under different names.

The Greek word for Wisdom is ‘Sophia’. In Hebrew, it is ‘Hokmah’ (Achamoth). According to ancient Jewish beliefs, there are two forms of Wisdom: one resides with the Most High and Lower Sophia found with the Demiurge. Jewish Wisdom literature tells us that

Creation was accomplished with the aid of Wisdom.1 It was she who "hovered above the waters".2 She was ever by the side of the LORD and "delights in the sons of men". 3 Since She is the Tree of Life4 men are encouraged to "get Wisdom". 5

Then there is a second kind of wisdom which is likened to a "strange woman".6 This "strange woman" is a Whore, who has cast down many strong men.7 Many dead are with her. 8

In some ways, the Jewish ‘Sophia’ is a great deal like the Greek ‘Logos’ (Word). Creation was accomplished through the medium of the ‘Logos’ (Word'). And since the Greek conceptions were equally as beautiful and logical as their own, we find many learned Jewish scholars

in the first century B.C. seeking a common myth that would incorporate Jewish conceptions and Greek philosophy and that would simultaneously explain the origin of evil. The most famous of these Jewish scholars would have been Philo of Alexandria.

However, there were various aspects of this body of doctrine that did not appear until Jesus taught it to his disciples in Galilee and Samaria. His parable about the Woman who placed yeast in three measures of meal and kneaded it until it was thoroughly leavened, is a story about Sophia.

Jewish belief differed from Iranian theology. The Zoroastrians held a truly dualistic belief in a God of Light and a God of Darkness, who have coexisted eternally. These two entities have been waging a war for control of the Universe that is ultimately to be determined by modern man. It has been claimed that the Jews made their God the author of

good and evil.9 But Isaiah was not thinking of an evil force in the same sense that we would. He simply meant that JHVH created good for men, as in good weather and evil, as in culminates, such as droughts and bad weather. Evil did not originate with the fall of Man in the Garden. It actually began much earlier with the lesser gods.

According to the Secret Book of John, Jesus returned to his disciples after his ascension and taught them for many days. He explained to them, very carefully, how the Universe, along with a hierarchy of Heavenly Authorities, who existing in forms of Light unknown to

mankind, were created by the Heavenly Father and his consort, Sophia . Sophia, being the feminine aspect of God, is the Mother of Light. From them emanated Twenty-four beings of Light, who resided in heavenly realms far, far, away from our galaxy.

One of the most powerful beings brought into existence was Yaldabaoth. This powerful Being was brought into existence not by the joint labor of the Most High and the Mother of Light but strictly by the Heavenly Mother. Jesus explained it this way: "She wanted to bring

forth a likeness out of herself without the consent of the Spirit, or even his consideration. And although her male aspect had not approved, for she had not sought his agreement, she thought without the consent of the Spirit and the invincible power that was in her did not remain idle.

Therefore, a being came out of her, which was imperfect and different from her appearance, because she had created it without her Consort. And it was dissimilar to the likeness of the Mother, for it had another form. When she saw the consequence of her desire, it had changed into the form of a lion-headed serpent. . . . And she called his name

Yaldabaoth."10 This is Aramaic for ‘Son of Shame’. I should point out that two of the Constellations near Virgo are those of the Lion and the great Serpent. The feet of the Lion appear to rest on the back of the Serpent, whose head either is very close to the head of the Lion or it is the Lion!

In various Gospels we see Jesus explaining to his disciples how this God was able to deceive Lesser Sophia, one of the Twenty-four Beings of Light , by enticing her into the lower regions and to there strip her of her light. He then goes on to create heavens for himself and a great hierarchy of angels in each of his heavens.


Now, we come to a very interesting part of our story. It concerns the fall of one-third of the angels of heaven. But here is where the confusion begins for many. When John records that the old dragon cast one-third of the angels of heaven to the ground, he was not referring to the angels

of the Most High but rather the angels of Yaldabaoth. Here, it will be needful to examine some of the parables of Jesus about this event. We have all read Jesus’ parable about the shrewd servant, who foreseeing that he would someday no longer be working for his employer, sets

about creating a place for himself in the future by cutting the debts owed by certain ones to his employer.11 But what is the real meaning behind this parable?


In the Book of John (not the same as the Secret Book of John), we read, "John was still troubled over Jesus saying that one of them was a devil, so he asked Jesus,’Lord, before Satan fell, what was his station with the Father?’ Jesus answered him, ‘His glory was so great that he

commanded the Powers of heaven and governed all the followers of the Father but I sat with my Father. . . . God took a mass of clay from the Earth, but left it setting for twenty-five thousand years and did nothing with it. At that time, Satan was the leader of the angels and acted as a

kind of High-priest. Because of his tremendous understanding, he knew that one day God would call forth from that mass of clay, one hundred and forty-four thousand men, who would be marked with the mark of prophecy. So, Satan descended from heaven and

came down unto the deep, then ascended back out of the deep unto the throne of the Invisible Father. . . . But when he descended into the air, he said to the angel of the air, Open to me the gates of air. And that angel opened them to him. And he desired to go further down and said to the

angel of the water, Open to me. So that angel opened them to him and going down further he found the entire face of the earth covered with water. . . . and found two fishes lying upon the water, which were like oxes yoked together holding the entire earth by the command of the

Invisible Father from the west unto the rising of the Sun. [Sound like Pisces?] Going on down, he found hanging clouds which held the waters of the sea. Going even further down, he found the fires of Gehenna and could go no further. Then Satan began to ascend back up and came to

the angels of the air and the water, he said to them, All these things belong to me. If you will listen to me, I will set my seat in the clouds like the Most High and I will take the waters from this upper firmament and water from the other places and will cause dry land to appear and I will reign with you world without end. Having said this to them, he passed on

up to the other angels, even as far as the fifth heaven, asking, How much do you owe the LORD? The angel said a hundred measures of wheat. Satan said, Take your pen and write sixty. To the other, he said, How much do you owe? One said, a hundred jars of oil. He said to him, Sit down and write fifty. Thus he went through the heavens up the fifth seducing the angels of the Father."12

The account goes on to show Satan advising the angels that someday, God would ask them to do obeisance to the mass of clay, but he felt that this would be inappropriate because they were "pure spirit". Thus he stirred them up until one day when God called a council and

asked for all the angels who loved Him to do obeisance to the mass of clay. Satan arose and protested and asked for the angels who felt as he did to recognize him as Lord. One third of the angels sided with Satan. As they did so, their appearance was changed from their former

glorious image to an image resembling that of mankind today. The other angels cast them down to the lower heavens. "Satan then came into this firmament but could not find rest for himself or those who were with him. He then entreated the Father, Have patience with me and I will repay you everything. So the Father had mercy upon him and his followers giving them Seven Days."13


The unusual thing about this account is that it shows the Father having mercy on Satan and his followers. It should come as no surprise to learn that this Father loved his angels and would devise a plan for their salvation. But he knew that it was not enough to just forgive his fallen

angels, they must come to genuine repentance and understanding before they could be re-admitted to their former positions. He therefore devised an economy, complete with administering spirits to prevent the followers of Satan from falling into immediate and total degeneration. His plan

called for casting each of the fallen angels into bodies of flesh, so that they might experience heat and cold, pain and sorrow, peace and plenty, hunger and labor, life and death, etc. In order for them to learn the various lessons needed for their recovery, it would be necessary for

them, to be re-incarnated over several lifetimes, in various settings. and conditions. Therefore, before they were cast anew into a new body, they were given the Cup of Forgetfulness to drink. This erased all memories of their former state of glory, to prevent their lives from becoming unbearable.

If one looks up into the night sky, at the Constellation of the Serpent, he will see the Cup (or Caldron) of Forgetfulness sitting on the back of the Serpent. Just before a soul is re-incarnated, it is given a drink from this cup, so that it forgets the various regions it has been to.

After death, the soul is carried off by the authorities of this economy to be chastised for any of its misdeeds. When it’s chastisements are completed, according to Jesus, it is carried before the Virgin of Light, who determines what kind of body it should be placed in next.

Concerning her, Jesus says, "She tests it and when she has discerned the nature of its sins and whether it has stood upright, she will cast a part of her light-power into it, because of the body and the community of senses. . . . The Virgin of Light then seals that soul and hands it over to

one of her Receivers to have it cast into a suitable body, depending upon which sins it has committed. I tell you the truth, Amen, they will not permit that soul to escape the changes of the body until it has

completed its last circuit, according to its merit."14 Now, that is Yaldabaoth’s plan for redeeming his fallen Angels, and each of us who inhabit these earthly bodies are one of his fallen Angels.


It is no secret that Christians of the early centuries, used labyrinths for part of the Initiation process. We have found the ruins of some of them, complete with the mirrors which were placed at the entrance to these mazes. Some of them were elaborate and some were simple,

depending upon the wealth of the church in question. But they all had one objective in mind - to awaken the Initiate. Jesus and the Apostles, in several places, likened the present state of man-kind to ‘sleep’, ‘drunkenness’ and ‘darkness’.

One of Jesus’ parables, which is often used in Sunday morning sermons and therefore, very popular, is one that has also been grievously misnamed. It is usually called ‘The Prodigal Son’, but in truth, it is a story of two brothers. The younger brother does go down to Egypt and forgets who he is. He lives a life of hedonism, like so many today. In the

older version of this story, which came from Iran, five hundred years before the Christian Era, a little bird is sent by the youth’s father and mother, who are the king and queen of Persia, to fly down to Egypt and whisper a reminder in the youth’s ear. He is instructed to ‘remember’ who he is and his future inheritance, if he will give up his life of debauchery and return to his home.

The older brother in Jesus’ version is Lucifer, who refuses to condescend to eating at the same table with a bother who has wasted his father’s substance on harlots. He feels that he is ‘pure spirit’ and therefore better than his younger brother (Adam). Thirdly, this is a story

about another plan of Salvation and Redemption, coming into this realm from an entirely unexpected source. It is in short an allusion to the intervention in the realms of the Demiurge by an even higher God - the Most High. This plan calls for the sending down of a very special

Redeemer, who must descend in secret through all the heavens of the Demiurge without being detected by any of the powerful beings, who govern those realms, because of the opposition he would encounter, were they to suspect who he was. We come now to a discussion of -


To end the cycle of birth, death and re-incarnation imposed by the Demiurge on his angels, this plan called for the descent of a Redeemer through all the realms of the Demiurge, to teach mankind the Mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens, so that they might ascend through those same heavens and reach realms above those of the Demiurge.

After Jesus ascended to his Father in the upper-most heaven, he returned to his faithful disciples to tell them about the things that happened to him in each heaven as he ascended back to his Father. In each region, the denizens of that region would be struck with awe, when they saw Jesus appear and the robe of light about him. According to

him, "When they had gazed upon my garment and saw the Mystery of their names written on it, they fell into great fear and cried out, ‘How has the Lord of the Universe passed through us without our knowing it?’"15 Jesus explained to the disciples how he stripped power from some of the Rulers and changed the nature of others service.

This Revolution in the Heavens is referred to by Paul in Ephesians, where he writes, "The God of our Lord Jesus .raised him from the dead and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly realms, far above all Principality and Power and Might and Dominion and every name that is named not only in this world but also in that which is to come; and put all things under his feet and gave him to be head over all things for the church."


In the middle of the second Century A.D. a pagan writer, named Celsus, wrote a book, called ‘The True Account’ exposing the secret beliefs and practices of the Christians. There can be little doubt that Celsus had been initiated in the Christian Mysteries, because he was able

to speak from first hand experience. One of the charges he brought against the Christians, was that in the advanced phases of Initiation, they laboriously memorized the names of the Rulers of each of the heavenly realms, together with passwords and signs to get past them.

About a half century later, Origen was asked to write a response to Celsus’ book. It is interesting to note that when Origen came to this section of his book, he did not deny the charge but affirmed it. Had not Paul, the Apostle written, "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against Principalities and Powers, against the Rulers of the Darkness of this world and against wicked Spirits in the heavenly realms."16

When Paul wrote that God had "raised up and made us sit together in heavenly realms in Christ Jesus"17, many preachers look upon this passage as so much mystic ecstasy, little realizing what Paul was talking about. Paul said that he himself had been caught up to the third heaven and heard unspeakable things. Indeed, all the Apostles and original disciples were taught the Science of Ascending.

So, we might ask ourselves why the churches of our day, do not teach the science of ascending, as Jesus taught his disciples? All kinds of reasons could be offered, I suppose, for why the churches do not teach this science, not the least of which was the dangers associated with

the practice. Paul warned the Colossians, "Let no man beguile you of your reward, by a false humility and worshiping of angels which one sees while ascending [‘embateuein’ literally; "crossing the threshold"] into the heavens; - one puffed up to no purpose by carnal imaginations." 18

In another place Paul states his hope, "For I am persuaded that neither life nor death, nor height nor depth, or Angels or Principalities or Powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ

Jesus."19 When the Restitution of all things comes about, the entire Universe will be lifted up, but those who have been trained in the Mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens will inherit a place of residence in the heavenly places far above the heavens of the Demiurge. 20

One translation of I Cor. 2:9,10 reads: "For eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those that love Him, but God has revealed them to us by the Spirit, for the Spiritual Man penetrates all things, even to the depths of God."

In response to a question from Mary Magdalene about those places of reward, "Jesus . . . answered Mary, Those who have received the Mysteries of Light and have come out of the body of matter [given by] the Rulers, will abide in the order according to [which] of the

Mysteries they have received. Those who have received the Higher Mysteries will reside in the higher orders, while those who have received Lower Mysteries will abide in the lower orders."21 But Jesus also warned, "Strive to receive the Mysteries of Light during this time of

affliction, so that you may enter into the Kingdom of Light. Do not join one day to the next, or one circuit to another, hoping that you will receive the Mysteries in some future circuit, for it has not been given to men to know when the number of Perfect souls will be completed."22

In another place Jesus informs us that just before the end of this world, as we know it, the Mysteries will once again be fully revealed to his chosen ones. "However, before, I do that, the Faith and the Mysteries will be even more fully revealed. And just as you mentioned,

many souls will be coming back by means of the circuits, in different bodies and some of them will be people, who heard my teachings during this present lifetime. They will discover to their dismay that the number of Perfect souls is completed . . . And they

will discover that I have shut the Gates of Light and that no one can enter in or go out. These souls will knock at the Gates of Light, crying out, Lord, Open to us! I will answer them, I do not know you or where you came from."23

Jerome, if you will take the time to read the account given by Jesus, about how Lesser Sophia was deceived and bound in the lower regions of material existence by Yaldabaoth, - the trials and suffering she went through -and how he rescued her and carried her back to the thirteenth

aeon, you will recognize the story of the Soul. Then, if you will look up into the night sky and see the chains on the wrists and ankles of Andromedia, perhaps you will be able to appreciate the coming of the Redeemer, Perseus and his White Horse, Pegasius (seen twice in the

Book of Revelation) as he rescues her from the great sea-monster and eventually marries her. Many of the wonderful events in the Drama of Redemption can be clearly seen in the shining Constellations of heaven.

With love, I remain, your father, Jeffrey Brackeen


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