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Predictions, Prophecies, and Warnings

  1. Shape of New World
  2. Astrophysicists Confirm one of Jeffrey Brackeen's Predictions
  3. Misconception About the Second Coming and the Wedding Feast
  4. Commentary on Daniel 666, part1
  5. Commentary on Daniel 666, part2
  6. Appearance of the Virgin
  7. End of An Age Vs. End of the World



"There appeared a great wonder in the sky, a Woman clothed with the Sun and the Moon was under her feet, and a crown of twelve Stars upon her head" - Revelation 12:1

Beloved, in recent articles, we have been examining current signs in the heavens. Perhaps there is one that we need to take a good look at appearing the Constellation of Virgo.

To understand the Book of Revelation, it is essential to remember two divisions and two grand figures: The first division begins with the Son of Man, shining in dazzling radiance. The second division begins with the resplended Virgin, who is confronted with a great

Serpent, determined to devour her child as soon as she gives birth to him. As I have probably pointed out in these pages previously, one of the largest Constellations in the heavens is that of the Serpent. It runs parallel to the Virgin (r) and has its head near the head of Leo, (e).

Between its back and the strand of wheat that Virgo holds in her left hand, is the Constellation known as the Caldron (or the Cup). The beautiful star Spica can be easily seen with the naked eye. It represents the sheaf of wheat she is holding and means ‘offspring’.

Another star in her Constellation is Vindemiatrix, which means ‘the son to come’. Subilon also means a ‘grain of wheat’ and Zivijava means ‘radiant glory’. The upper portion of her right wing, is the birth place of galaxies. There are many brilliant galaxies in that region extending to Coma (a seated woman holding a child). The Greeks in their ignorance changed the name of Coma to ‘Bernice’ (a wig).


Something wonderful happened at the beginning of the Jewish New Year, in September of 1996. It was considered a ‘sign’ among Jews, when the new Moon appeared above the horizon in the Constellation of Virgo (r). Within 24 hours, it had moved to a position below her feet!

Anyone who has ever studied the Moon through a telescope, will tell you that there is no ‘man in the moon’ but there is the silhouette of a woman holding a baby in her arms. This sign will continue to reoccur until Passover 1999, then, it will not happen again for 11,000 years!

The new moon in January of 1996 appeared with the alignment of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Earth, Mars, Uranus and Neptune - a very significant alignment. A similar alignment occurred in February, 6 B.C. the year that Christ is believed to have been born. According to several Gnostic writers, Jesus was born 2,000 years ago, in September, of 6 B.C.

In 1996, Uranus showed up on the 12th, of that year, in Aquarius (f) - something that only happens every 77 years. Uranus rules Aquarius. This was a sure sign that the Age of Pisces (l) is coming to

an End. A similar alignment occurred in 1995, when the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, all aligned in Sagittarius (i), - November 22nd. It was then, that 60,000 NATO troops began heading for Bosnia, in an effort to keep peace.


The year 1996 was full of astrological ‘signs’. Beginning in that year, we saw Lunar Eclipses (D) occurring on every major full moon feast (S) of Israel, beginning with Passover on April 3rd. Coincidentally, that was the time of the closest approach of Comet Hyakutake to earth. That was also when North Korea pulled out of the Korean War Armistice and began military maneuvers along the border.

Another total Eclipse occurred on the Eve of the Feast of Tabernacles, September 26th, with the Moon in conjunction with Saturn (y), the planet identified with the Jews. This was the beginning of the worst bloodshed in the Occupied Territories, since Israel became a nation.

On June 16th, of that year, six planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto) aligned near the Summer solstice. Russian President Yeltsin appointed the hard-liner Alexander Lebed to be the Security Chief.

And on June 30th, 1996, there was a true "blue full Moon", which was opposed by Jupiter (the planet of leaders) but squared with Saturn (y). At that time Boris Yeltsin disappeared from public view because of failing health and reportedly suffered a heart attack on July 3rd.


There was another Eclipse on Purim, March 3rd of 1997 and still another happening during the middle of the Days of Repentance, September 1997. The year 1997 saw more bloodshed, with the continued Palestinian uprising.

On Passover day, 1997, the Comet Hale-Bopp made its closest approach to earth. Hale-Bopp came out of the Constellation Sagittarius (i). When a group of people asked me the significance of this, I told them that it signified the appearance of a great prophet of God, but whom, I did not know.


King Sargon had his wise men compile a 72 volume writing known as the ‘Illumination of Bel’ which prophesied the "End of the World". His astrologers said the world would be "destroyed by fire, when all the planets line up in Capricorn"(k).

On January 15th, 1991, we saw six planets aligned on the cusp of Capricorn. That was the day, we saw the final deadline issued by the United Nations to Saddam Hussain to leave Kuwait. Needless, to say, he ignored the ultimatum and saw the beginning of the destruction of his military power. There was also a Solar Eclipse that same day! Do you think maybe the generals and leaders of our country are following Astrology?

On January 12th, 1994, the Sun and Moon and five planets aligned in Capricorn. This was the tightest alignment in 300 years! Then, again in December of 1995, eight planets (including the Sun and Moon) lined up, at the time of Winter Solstice, on the cusp of Capricorn

(k) and two more were within 30o and 50o of Capricorn! The next alignment, like this will be on May 7, 2000, when the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars all line up. (These are the same seven heavenly bodies that Josephus, the Jewish Historian said were represented by the Menorah in the Temple (3, 11:7, Antiquities).

May 7th (month of Iyar in the Hebrew calendar) was the day that Solomon began building the first Temple and the day that Ezra began building the second Temple! I have warned that any attempt to build a third Temple in Jerusalem will result in the end of the way of life, as we have known it.


Since Pope John Paul 23rd has dedicated his Papacy to the Virgin Mary, we might be inclined to ask ourselves why he did so. I suspect that he did so after reading the prophecies of the Lady of Fatima, which were given to three children at the end of World War I, on October 13,

1917, in Fatima, Portugal. (Fatima was the daughter of the prophet Mohammed.) The message of the third vision was sealed up and sent to Rome. It was not supposed to be opened until 1960, and it is reported that when Pope John XXIII, opened it and read it, "he trembled with fear and almost fainted with horror."

The first vision showed people suffering in the torments of Hell for their sins against God. The second message was a warning about World War II. The beautiful Lady revealed to the children that God was grieved over the way women were beginning to dress (or perhaps I should say undress). She indicated that God had sent World War I upon humanity

to reprove them because of women’s fashions and warned that if men did not repent, God would permit a second war - far more terrible - to ravage the earth. She said that if men still did not repent, God would loose Russia upon the world. Lucia quoted the beautiful Virgin as saying:

"The war [1914-1918] is coming to an end. But if people do not cease offending the Lord, another more terrible war will break out during the next Pontificate. When you see the night lit up by a great unknown light, know that it is a Sign, that God gives you and that punishment of the world by another war and famine and persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father."

"In order to prevent this, I have come to intercede for the conversion of Russia . . . If you carry out my request, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not, Russia will extend her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. Many good

people will become martyrs. The Holy Father will suffer much. Several nations will be annihilated. In the end, however, my immaculate heart will triumph. Russia will be converted and the world will enjoy a period of peace."

The Sign which the Lady promised, appeared on the night of January 25, 1938, when a crimson glow lit up the skies of western Europe.

The Third Message, which the Virgin gave the children was not printed until October 15, 1963. It appeared in a German publication known as ‘News Europa’. I will now quote what the Lady of Fatima prophesied:

"A great war will break out in the last half of the 20th Century. Fire and smoke will fall from heaven, the waters of the oceans will become vapors; the scum will arise in confused manner, and everything will sink down. Millions and millions of men will perish while this is

going on and those who survive will envy the dead. The unexpected will follow in every part of the world, anxiety, pain and misery in every country. Have I seen it? The time is getting ever nearer and the abyss is getting wider without hope. The good will perish with bad, the great with

the small, the heads of the Church with her faithful and the rulers with their people. There will be death everywhere as a result of the mistakes of the unfeeling and the partisans of Satan, but when those who survive all these happenings are still alive, they will proclaim God again and his glory, and will serve him as in the time when the world was not so perverted."


During the 10th Century, the German Abbess Hroswitha made several startling predictions. She described World Wars I & II perfectly, saying: "There will be no more Holy Roman Empire. And from it ruins will rise up the Empire of Christ and the Empire of the Antichrist.

There will be war between the two parts of Germany and the enemies will reunite. This will continue until the time of the Red War foretold in the Book of Wrath [Revelation?] - the time of the Great Empire in the East, which will see the last Emperor of the Earth."


On April 24th, 1986, there was a total Eclipse of the Moon, while it was in conjunct with Pluto. (Plutonium was named after this planet.) The next night saw the Chernobyl nuclear melt-down, with radiation blown over a vast area. I personally believe that this was a repayment for the Three-Mile Island melt-down in the United States. There is reason to believe that neither of these incidents were accidents.

On July 22nd, 1990, there was a Solar Eclipse. This was when we also saw Iraq massing its forces along the Kuwaiti border. From August 2nd - 7th, of that same year, there was another Lunar Eclipse which also

saw Mars (planet of war) and Pluto squared. Iraq invaded Kuwait on the 2nd and launched the Persian crisis. I already mentioned the U. N. deadline for Iraq to pull out by January 15th, the same day which saw a rare alignment of six planets in Capricorn.

On December 21st, 1991, the Soviet flag came down and the Russian flag was hosted above Moscow. That same day also saw a Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice. Dmitrii Z. Manuilskii, of the Lenin School of Political Warfare, made a prediction in 1931. He said, "War to

the hilt between Communism and Capitalism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in thirty or forty years. To win, we shall need the element of surprise. The Western world will need to be put to sleep. So, we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There

shall be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The Capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate to their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we shall smash them with our clenched fist." It was on January 12th, 1994 that the United States and Russia agreed not to target each other with their nuclear weapons.

Bill Gertz wrote an article on April 1, 1997, for THE WASHINGTON TIMES, entitled ‘Moscow Builds Bunkers Against Nuclear Attack’, in which warned: "Russia is continuing a Cold War-era program to build deep underground bunkers, subways and command posts to help Moscow’s leaders flee the capital and survive a nuclear

attack, The Washington Times has learned. . . Disclosure of the secret multibillion-dollar construction program comes less than two weeks after President Clinton and Mr. Yeltsin agreed in Helsinki to extend the deadline for nuclear arms cuts under the START II treaty, because of Russian concerns over dismantlement costs.’

"U.S. officials said the Russian spending on strategic defenses, coupled with ongoing procurement of new strategic missiles and submarines, raises questions about Moscow’s claims not to have funds needed to carry out START II reductions. . . .

"According to the CIA report, construction work is continuing on a ‘nuclear- survivable, strategic command post at Kosvinsky Mountain’ located deep in the Ural Mountains about 850 miles west of Moscow. Satellite photographs of Yamantau Mountain, also located about 850

miles west of Moscow in the Urals, near the town of Beloretsk, show continued digging at the ‘deep underground complex’ and new construction at each of the site’s above-ground support areas, the CIA stated. Yamantau Mountain means ‘evil Mountain’ in the local Bashkir language. . . .

"By contrast, U.S. nuclear protective facilities have been largely shut down. The complex underneath the Greenbriar resort in Virginia was abandoned, along with another facility in Virginia known as Mount Weather, U.S. officials have said.

"The main nuclear command facility now in existence is located inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, but it was only designed to withstand small nuclear blasts and would easily be knocked out in a large Russian missile attack."

It is a well known fact that China has built a huge underground city in that nation. They have also, with the aid of the U.S. built a mighty super highway all the way from China, through Tibet, above India, through Pakistan, clear up to the border of Iran. In response to this

highway, India has recently detonated nuclear warheads to show the Chinese and Pakistan that it intends to protect itself. It has also been rumored that President Clinton authorized the give away of strategic missile control systems to the Chinese.

On February 26th 1998, there was another total Solar Eclipse, with Jupiter, Mercury and Pluto squared. The Serbs launched a terrible attack against the Kosovo Liberation Army in Yugoslavia. It is feared that a civil war in this region will spill over into Greece and Turkey. World War II started in Serbia, when an Austrian Duke was assassinated there.


One of the reasons the people of India are terrified of China, is because of a Hindu prophesy made by the ‘King of the World’, who supposedly lived in Agharti, a table-rock area in central Asia, which is honey-combed with underground caverns. It is an ancient prophecy of events that were to unfold in the last half of the 20th Century. It reads as follows:

"Men will increasingly neglect their souls . . . The greatest corruption will reign on earth. Men will become like blood-thirsty animals, thirsting for the blood of their brother. The Crescent will become obscured and its followers (Moslems) will descend into lies

and perpetual warfare . . . The crowns of kings will fall . . . Then, there will be terrible war between all the earth’s people . . . entire nations will die . . . hunger . . . crimes unknown to law . . . formerly unthinkable to the world . . . The persecuted will demand

the attention of the whole world . . . the ancient roads will be filled with multitudes going from one place to another . . . the greatest and most beautiful cities will perish by fire . . . families will be dispersed . . . faith and love will disappear . . . the world will lose much population. Within fifty years, there will be three great nations . . . and then there will be eighteen years of war and cataclysms . . ."


The Hopi medicine men left glyphs on the canyon walls of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, recording various visions which they had seen. Even before the arrival of the White men, they had already seen visions of his westward movement and even the building of railroads through the

western states. They also recorded detailed descriptions of World War II and Adolph Hitler. But these men also saw another war, in which a brother to the White man, wearing red coats, jumped across the ocean and invaded the U.S.A. in a single day and night. they saw millions of

invaders inundating this country and just as they were about to complete the successful conquest of this land, a great natural catastrophe caused the seas to leave their shores and flood the country of the invaders. Because of the destruction to their homeland, the invaders were forced to retire from the field of battle and return to their homeland.

Beloved, I trust that these writings will move us to action and prayer. I remain, yours

Jeffrey Brackeen


1. Rev. 1:9

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