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Predictions, Prophecies, and Warnings

  1. Shape of New World
  2. Astrophysicists Confirm one of Jeffrey Brackeen's Predictions
  3. Misconception About the Second Coming and the Wedding Feast
  4. Commentary on Daniel 666, Part 1
  5. Commentary on Daniel 666, Part 2
  6. Appearance of the Virgin
  7. End of An Age Vs. End of the World


THE SHAPE OF THE NEW WORLD by Jeffrey Brackeen

Parts of this article are from a talk which Jeffrey Brackeen delivered to a gathering of leaders from Communities all over the United States and Canada. on July, 4th, 1992, in Williamsburg, Indiana. The other parts are from his book. Forbidden Truths Revealed.

We read in the Book of Revelation 21.1 "And I beheld a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away; and there was no more Sea"


At present, our system, which revolves around our Sun is entering that part of the night sky known as Aquarius. We are leaving the Age of Pisces (The fishes) and going into the Age of Aquarius which will be ruled by Saturn. Our solar system is now entering an area of The galaxy,

where the energy vibrations are much greater than any we have experienced on Earth before. Because of the intensity of the energies existing within the region we are now entering, those individuals who have refused to cooperate with the Divine plan and who are not

perfecting themselves - who are not evolved enough will perish. Only those able to live within these energy fields will survive.

The Greek word used in this passage for earth in our passage is 'ge'. Formerly this Earth was inhabited by "worshipers of the beast". (Rev. 13:8, 12, 14, 17:24). In the future, it will be populated by a people and a race that will venerate the Eternal Supreme God. In the Book of

Enoch, we read, "And after that. in the seventh week will a generation arise, and many will be its deeds and all its deeds will be apostate. And at its close will the Elect of Righteousness of the Eternal Plant of righteousness. be elected to receive the Seven-fold instruction regarding the whole Creation". (Enoch VCIII, 9, 10)

Each age lasts approximately 2160 years. Not only have we come to the end of an Age, we have also come to the end of a Manifestation. A Manifestation is made up of three Ages and equals 6,840 years. During the Age of Pisces, the fish was a sacred symbol, during the Age prior to that the lamb was the sacred symbol

(used for sacrifices in the religion of Judaism); whereas during the Age before that, the bull was considered extremely sacred (as in the religions of Mithra, Dionysius, and Osiris). To make a complete Round of the twelve signs requires 25,920 years. (Our sun travels through space, following a spiral movement.)

Similarly, a Great Circle is made up of twelve Manifestations and equals 77,760 years. Scientists tell us that since the crust of the earth became hard, our earth and our solar system have traveled through nine of these Great Circles. Therefore, we are three-fourths through a Greater Cycle, which consists of 311,040 years. (4 times 77,760 equals 311,040 years) Now, to come to that mystical number, 144,000.

If we should ask ourselves how John arrived at this mystical number, it is easy to see that it is 12 multiplied by 12, multiplied by a thousand. Yet, there is a greater significance behind this number. To those early Christians, who were familiar with the spiritual meaning behind the names

for the signs of the Zodiac and the process of initiation, 144 represented a period of years known as a 'greater cycle' which consists of 311,040 years; a period of time during which our Sun passes through the twelve Great Circles, twelve times.

I find it interesting that we have Nine Planets revolving around our Sun and that each of the figures, I've just mentioned, reduces down to Nine. The ninth Initiation In the Christian Mysteries symbolizes death and resurrection. It is the last initiation that can be taken in the physical body. The last three are taken out of the body

21:2 Then, I, John beheld the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven, from God, prepared like a bride for her husband.

3. I heard a great Voice come from heaven, saying, See, the Tent of God Is with men and He will live with them and they will become his people, for God himself will be with them, as their God.

4. And God shall wipe away all their tears from their eyes. And Death will no longer exist, neither sorrow nor crying. And there will be no more pain because the former things have passed away.

5. The One seated on the Throne, said, See, I am making all things new. Then, He said to me, Write, These are the words of Faithful and True.

6. Then, He said, It Is done. I AM Aloha and Omega the beginning and the end. To him who thirsts, I will freely give to him to drink from the fountain of the Water of Life.

7. He that conquers shall Inherit all things; and I will be his God and he shall be my son.

8. But the Fearful and the Non-believing and the Abominable along with the murderers and whoremongers and users of drugs and worshipers of idols and liars, shall all have their part In the Lake of Fire which burns with sulfur, which Is the Second Death.

9. Then, one of the seven angels, who had the Seven Bowls, filled with the last plagues, came to me and said, Come here, and I will show you the Bride, the Lamb's wife.

10. He carried me away, in spirit to a great, high mountain and showed me the Great City, Holy Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God.

11. Her light, had the glory of God and was like a precious gem - a jasper - clear as crystal.


Even the Hindus were taught about the appearance of this new race of men: "When the practices taught by the Vedas and the Institutions of law shall have nearly ceased, and the close of the Kali age shall be near, an aspect of the Divine Being who exists of

his own spiritual nature in the character of Brahma and even is the Beginning and the End... he shall descend upon the earth; he will be born in the family of Vishnuyashas, an eminent Brahman of Shamballah... endowed with the eight superhuman powers. By his

Irresistible might, he will destroy... all whose minds are devoted to Iniquity. He will then reestablish righteousness upon earth; and the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali Age shall be awakened and shall be as pellucid as crystal. The men who are

thus changed by virtue of that Peculiar time shall be the seeds of human beings and shall give birth to a Race who shall follow the laws of the Krita age. For It is said: "When the Sun and Moon and Tishva (asterisms) and the planet of Jupiter are in one mansion, the Krita (golden) age shall return." - (P 228, Vol. IV, Visnu Puruna, Wilson)

During the mid seventies, we published a series of articles entitled 'Building Community' in which we encouraged our friends and readers to begin establishing Spiritual Communities. Since then, we have witnessed the emergence and prosperity of hundreds of Communities

throughout the United States and Canada. It has been a particular source of delight for your editor, Jeffrey Brackeen to have personally visited many of them. Not only do the Christian scriptures and the Puranas tell of this new race, the "Sons of Brahma", the 'Ninth Creation',

we also find this teaching in the writings of Hermes. Some believe that in this age, death will be overcome. Certainly, to say the least, we must expect the emergence of a 'new race' of men. But these things will not happen without our cooperation. We must assist this process and this includes perfecting our spirits and attaining to fellowship with the Supreme through the sacred Mysteries.

In Philip's Books of the Savior, Jesus is portrayed as describing the ascent of the soul (Pistia Sophia) back through the heavens. We read: "Therefore, let all nature rejoice and seek the light, that the power of the stars, which is in you, may come to life. 68. For

the Light hears all that is in matter and will not leave any without purifying them. 69. Let souls and all nature praise the Lord of the Aeons and let all that inhabits matter praise him. 70. For God will save their souls from matter and a City shall be prepared in the

Light, so that all the souls who have been saved may inherit it and dwell in it. 71. Those who have received Mysteries will live in it and those who have received Mysteries in the name of the city will abide in it 72. When Jesus concluded these words, he said to them,

This Is the song of praise that Pistia Sophia uttered as her first repentance for sin, in which she related all that had befallen her. Let him who has ears, listen." - (Philip's Books of the Savior, as found in the Complete Gospel of Jesus, Edited by Jeffrey Brackeen)


Jesus had assured his faithful follower that, "In my Father's house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you so. And if I go away, I will prepare a place for you, that I may come and receive you, unto myself, that where I am, there you may be also." (John's Gospel)

Irenaeus, who lived very close to the Apostles' time, described three levels of rewards as follows: "The first Elders tell us that some men who have been found worthy of dwelling In Heaven shall go there; others shall enjoy the delights of Paradise, while others again shall find the

glory of the City, for in every place the healing Savior will be seen in different measure according to the worthiness of each one who beholds Him. The first Elders say that the different dwelling places shall be determined according to whether men bring forth fruit a hundred-fold or

sixty-fold or thirty-fold: the first shall be taken up into heaven. The second shall shall live in Paradise and the third shall inhabit the City, All things are God's. To each one He gives the appropriate dwelling. His Word says, to each one will the Father give according to how worthy

each one is or will be. That is the table at which those who are invited to the Wedding shall recline in their different places to share in the Meal. The first Elders, the disciples of the Apostles, say that this is the arrangement and distribution of those who are being saved. Through

these steps they go forward, that is, through the Spirit to the Son, and through the Son they ascend to the Father. Finally, however, the Son delivers up His work to the Father, as the Apostle also said." - (Against Heresies V, 36. 12; 5:1)

If we can believe Tertullian, some time around 200 AD about two hundred persons saw "the divinely-built city of Jerusalem let down from heaven". . . and "suspended in the sky every morning for forty days" - (Against Marcion, III, xxiv)


21:12 It had a great wall about it with twelve gates and twelve guardian angels. The names of the twelve children of Israel were written on it.

13. On the east side, there were three gates; on the north side, three gates; on the south side, three gates and on the west side, were three gates.

14. The wall around the city, had twelve foundations, with the names of the twelve Apostle of the Lamb engraved.

15. The one who talked to me, had a gold reed to measure the city and its gates and its foundations.

16. The city was built like a cube. When he measured the city, with his reed, Its length measured twelve thousand furlongs. The length was equal to its depth and Its depth was equal to its height.

17. But when he measured the wall, its height was one hundred and forty-four cubits according to the measure of the angel, who is a man.

18. The substance of the wall was pure jasper. But the city was made from pure gold, which was clear as glass.

19. The foundations of the wall were garnished with precious gems. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, chalcedony; the fourth, emerald;

20. The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, topaz; the tenth, chrysoprasus; the eleventh, jacinth; the twelfth, amethyst.

21. The twelve gates were made from twelve pearls. Each gate was from a pearl.


It is extremely interesting to note that John actually says very little about the city, except that it is the exact opposite to Babylon. Most of what he has to say is about the wall. The city itself forms a perfect cube just like the Holy of Holies. In the Christian Mysteries, the Holy of Holies always spoke of the heavenly marriage between the soul and God this secret rituals is one of the supreme mysteries.

The city itself is enormous in size. Just as Ezekiel pictured his new temple as being larger that the actual city of old Jerusalem, so now John has his Holy Jerusalem measuring fifteen hundred miles by fifteen hundred miles by fifteen hundred miles. But the wall is only two hundred and sixteen feet high (a hundred forty-four cubits).

In the wall are twelve gates which symbolize the twelve Initiations which Jesus taught his disciples. These were the five lower mysteries and the seven higher mysteries which are symbolically referred to in the feeding of the five thousand and the feeding of the four thousand in Matthew's Gospel.

The crowd of five thousand was fed with five loaves, while the crowd of four thousand were fed with four loaves. Indeed, if we add four thousand and five thousand, which reduces down (after the Pythagorean method) to the number Nine, which always speaks of

Initiation. The 153 large fishes which Jesus helped the disciples catch signifies the number nine (1 + 5 +3 = 9). The city where Jesus taught his disciples the Mysteries was called Nain which means Nine.

The gates are named after the twelve Patriarchs and are guarded by twelve angels. Each gate in the Wall was made from one solid pearl and symbolized the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God. The pearl was considered to be the most precious gem in John's day. It is formed

layer upon layer with great pain inside the oyster. As one writer put it, "You must through much tribulation enter the Kingdom of heaven". The Kingdom is like a pearl that costs a man everything he owns to procure it.


Each of the stones enumerated above, in the foundation represents one of the Apostles. Paul wrote, "You are built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets".- (Eph. 2:20) The Jesuit priest, A. Kircher (1608-20) quoted an Arabian scholar named Abenephius, who

listed the colors associated with the Egyptian Zodiac. Colorwise, it is the exact opposite to that listed here. This lead Kircher to suppose that John opposed the Zodiac. But the exact opposite is the truth because the progress of the soul does not follow the regular order of the months.

Initiation goes in the opposite direction among the signs of the Zodiac. But we do not know the order that John used to list the Apostles. But we do not know which color is associated with which Apostle. Below, I list the color of each gem and its zodiac sign:

Gem Color Sign
Diamond Clear Fishes
Sapphire Blue Water carrier
Chalcedony Blue Goat
Sardonyx Red Scorpion
Sardine Red Scales
Chrysolite Yellow Virgin
Beryl Green Lion
Topaz Yellow Crab
Chrysoprasus Green Twins
Jacinth Violet Bull
Amethyst Violet Ram
Emerald Green Archer

Many speak of the Mysteries as though they have disappeared. This is definitely not so. What has disappeared, much to our loss, is the observance of the public aspects of the Mysteries, which were performed for all the people. But praise be to God, on Palm Sunday,

Christians in Jerusalem and other parts of the world, including our own Ozark Mountains in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, still observe all the stations along the route of Christ's Passion.

I believe and trust that in the very near future, the public aspects of the Lower and the Higher Mysteries will again be observed by our people with reverence. The choice we have is to turn away from the ancient Christian pageants and leave our young people to shift for themselves,

going to rock concerts and imbibing Satan's hard rock and acid rock music or to reestablish the public performance of those parts of the holy mysteries that can be performed openly. It was the public's participation in the Lower Mysteries that lifted Greece and Egypt from barbarianism to civilization and culture.


Just as Moses commanded the people of Israel to set aside a second tithe of their income, so that they might observe the three sacred feasts, so ought we to do the same. The Jews actually observed seven feasts but there were three in particular that required the attendance of every male householder. (See Lev. 23; Deut. 12:6-7, 17-18)

The first feast which the Jews were required to attend was that of Passover, which usually begins around March 30th. This is a time of the year that is sacred to many nations because Spring begins on March 20th. The Vernal Equinox occurs around the 22nd of March.

The Christians observe Palm Sunday on March 24th, Good Friday on the 29th and Easter (resurrection day) on the 31st of March. At Eleusius in Greece the first mysteries of the Mother were begun on the 22nd of March. Her greater mysteries were observed in September. Fifty days after Passover, the Jews observed Pentecost (around May 19).

There were two specially sacred festival periods that lasted for Nine Nights: the first began on March 22 and the second began around the 16th or 18th of September. This is the season sacred to the Jews, during which Yom Kippur is observed. It is also the beginning of Autumn. Harvest moon usually occurs around the 23rd of September. The nine nights in which the Mysteries of Eleusius were observed began on September 16 through 18.

The full moon played a very important part in those celebrations. Surprisingly, the full moon of Virgo is also crucial to the observance of the nine nights sacred to Durga in India. Strangely enough, the story of Durga sounds very much like the story of Persephone and Demeter; their mysteries probably had a common origin.

Another very special time of the year begins with the coming of Winter around December 22. On the 25th, Christians all over the world observe Christmas day. Although Jesus was not born on this day (he was born in the closing days of September/ Virgo), the Zoroastrians annually

observed December 25 as the birthday of Mithra. And on the evening of January 5 the new year officially began for many nations of the world. However, the Catholic church usually observes the 6th of January as Epiphany. On that day, the Sun begins its ascent back to it zenith in the heavens.

One can therefore easily see that the full moon In Aries (the Ram), Libra (Scales) and Capricorn (the Goat) are especially significant. The full moon in Scorpio is another very important time of the year but I do not have the space to go into that here. I have proposed to some of the brethren in Arizona that a special place be set aside for annual pilgrimages during the time of the full moon in Capricorn.

I foresee a day, when many thousands of people will go into the desert not merely to escape the cold weather of the northern regions, but to observe a very sacred time of the year, when the stars can be seen in all their brilliance. Paul, the Apostle wrote to the Galatians advising them that the observance of the new moons by his people, was a symbol of things to come.

To conclude these final comments on initiation, I will simply state that there are three stages of progression. Some circles have differing names for these. The circle I fellowship with refers to them as Priest, Prophet and King. Here, I can do no better than quote Anna Kingsford, who wrote about a hundred years ago,

"Those who have trod this path of old have been many and their deeds have formed the theme of mystical legends Innumerable. Epitomizing these, we find that the chief qualifications are as follows: - In order to gain Power and the Resurrection, a man must, first of all be a Hierarch.

This is to say, he must have attained the magical age of thirty-three years, having been in the mystic sense of the terms, immaculately conceived and born of a king's daughter - baptized with water and with fire; tempted in the wilderness, crucified and buried, having borne five wounds on the cross. He must moreover, have answered the riddle of the Sphinx.

"To attain the requite age. he must have accomplished the Twelve Labors symbolized in those of Hercules and in the signs of the Zodiac: passed within the twelve Gates of the Holy City of his own regenerate nature; overcome the Five Senses; and obtained dominion over the Four Elements. Achieving all that is implied in these terms, his warfare is accomplished, he is free of Matter and will never again have a phenomenal body"...

"He who shall attain to this Perfection must be one who is without fear and without desire save toward God; who has courage to be absolutely poor and absolutely chaste; to whom it is all one whether he have money or whether he have none, whether he have house and lands or whether he be homeless, whether he have worldly reputation or whether he be an outcast.

"Thus, is he voluntarily poor and of the spirit of those of whom it is said that they inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not necessary that he have nothing; it is necessary only that he care for nothing. Against attacks and influences of whatever kind and coming from whatever quarter without

his own soul's kingdom, he must impregnably steel himself. If infortune be his, he must make it his fortune; if poverty, he must make it his riches; if loss, his gain; if sickness, his health; if pain, his pleasure.

"Evil report must be to him good report; and he must be able to rejoice when all men speak ill of him. Even death itself he must account as life. Only when he has attained this equilibrium is he 'Free'.

"Meanwhile he makes Abstinence, Prayer, Meditation, Watchfulness and Self-restraint to be the decades of his Rosary. And knowing that nothing is gained without toil, or won without suffering, he acts ever on the principle that to labor is to pray, to ask is to receive, to knock is to have the door opened, and so strives accordingly. to gain power over Death,

there must be Self-denial and governance. Such is the Excellent Way though it be the 'Via Dolorosa'. He only can follow It who accounts the Resurrection worth the Passion, the Kingdom worth the Obedience, the Power worth the Suffering. And he and he only does not hesitate. whose time has come.

"The last of the Twelve Labors of Hercules is the conquest of the three-headed dog, Cerberus. For by this is denoted the final victory over the body, with its three (true) senses. When this is accomplished, the process of ordeal is no longer necessary. The Initiate Is under a vow.

The Hierarch is free. He has undergone all his ordeals and has freed his will. For the object of the Trial and the Vow is Polarization. When the Fixed Is Volatized, the Magian is Free. Before this, he is subject". (PP 117-130, The Perfect Way, Mrs. Anna Kingsford, London, 1882)


The holy city which John saw exists now and those who are holy enter into it. The writer of Hebrews wrote, "You are come unto Mount Zion, and unto the City of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, to the Festival assembly and the church of the Firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made Perfect."- (Heb. 12:22, 23)

Here, I must add that the Mystery Paul spoke of in Ephesians 1:9,10 is being fulfilled. The family of God in heaven (angels) is being united with the family of God on earth. The city John sees, is made up of individuals like the hundred forty-four thousand we saw standing

with the Lamb, on the mountain in chapter fourteen. Each of those souls had progressed through all the initiations and become a bride. For first of all we sneak of individuals here not corporate bodies. And as these initiated ones unite in common purpose they become the New Holy Jerusalem.

Having urged my fellow citizens to 'come out of her', I must at least draw a picture of how it operates. Not only does this City of God exist now, but it exists in the form of a government, of that make no mistake. The Lord promised the Laodiceans that he who conquers will sit down

with Him on his throne and rule with him. (Rev. 3:21) We are told that in the new world, there will no longer be a sea. As we saw earlier the expression 'sea' represents those masses of humanity, who lack self government and are unruly. In the coming world, there will be no more

sea. It is a government which will take over all other governments and rule over them. By way of comparison, lets contrast this government with what's happening in America.

I believe any intelligent person can see what is transpiring in the United States and to other nations around the world. In the United States, the people are so far removed from their representatives that in many instances they can not even name their Congressmen or Senators.

If we remember that there are fifty states and each state has two Senators, we can see therefore, that each Senator supposedly represents approximately two and a half million people. Not only do many citizens not know who their Senators and Congressmen are, but their representatives often fail to represent the wishes of their own people.

Indeed, there are Senators and Congressmen who haven't been back home in years and who are completely out of touch with their constituents. And unfortunately, the process of getting elected makes those individuals beholden to special interest groups, who can afford to

contribute to their election campaigns. Once in office, they are accosted by lobbyists and PAC (Political Action Committees) representatives. There is a far superior form of government which has been used in times past and is even now beginning to manifest itself again. When Isaiah

prophesied, "I will restore your judges as at the beginning and your councilors" - (Isa. 1:26) he was referring to a divine form of government which was taught in a modified form, to Moses and the people of Israel by Jethro. (I say divine because the heavenly kingdom

is a hierarchy, not a democracy.) He divided the nation into tens, fifties, hundreds, thousands, ten- thousands and so forth. (Exod. 18:1, 21; Deut. 1:15, 16; I Chron. 23:4; II Chron. 1:2; Ezra 7:25)

This system of government was also in use among the Peruvians, when the Spanish conquistadors invaded and toppled that government. With the destruction of their government, thousands upon thousands of the Peruvian people died of hunger. Before the Spaniards arrived, they

had the finest system of distribution for foods and products the world had ever seen until the creation of the interstate highway system in this country. Corn (maize), coffee, potatoes, tomatoes, and all kinds of produce were shipped to depots throughout the empire. Each family

took what they needed to live on. There was no hoarding. Fish was brought up from the ocean and distributed among the populace. Fine beautiful clothing was spun and woven by the nuns. This clothing was then made available to the people through the depots or warehouses. William Prescott records in the 'Conquest of Peru',

"The nation at large was distributed into decades, or small bodies of ten: and every tenth man, or head of a decade, had supervision of the rest, being required to see that they enjoyed the rights and Immunities to which they were entitled, to solicit aid in their behalf from government,

when necessary, and to bring offenders to justice. To this last they were stimulated by the law that imposed on them, in case of neglect the same penalty that would have been Incurred by the guilty party...

"The people were still further divided into bodies of fifty, one hundred, five hundred, and a thousand, each with an officer having general supervision over those beneath, and the higher ones possessing, to a certain extent authority in matters of police. Lastly, the empire was

distributed into sections or departments of ten thousand inhabitants, with a governor over each, from the Inca nobility. judges all held their authority and received support from the crown, by which they were appointed and removed at pleasure. They were obligated to determine every suit within five days from the time it was brought before them; and there was no appeal from one tribunal to another.

"The crimes of theft, adultery, and murder were all capital, though it was wisely provided that some extenuating circumstances might be allowed to mitigate the punishment." - (PP. 58,59 Conquest of Peru, Mentor Books)

One of the beautiful aspects of this system of government, was that it not only allowed authority to descend from the top, it also allowed for the very least subject to make his wishes and desires known from the bottom up. Secondly, there was no alienation or anomia, such as exists

in our large cities today. Each family belonged to a unit of ten. As amazing as it may sound, those who went to the capital city of Peru could tell, just by looking at a person's clothing, what part of the country he was from, what tribe, even what clan and family he belonged to.

Every person was proud to be part of the nation. Today's youth are begging for identity They join gangs out of loneliness and a desperate need to belong. This is a pathetic and pathological sickness endemic to out present system.

I believe that In the future, we will issue medallions of citizenship to the members of our communities. Whenever a person is compelled to transfer to a different city or community, he will be required to surrender his medallion and be forced to acquire another one from one of the

citizens of the community where he is moving. How, would this divine system of government work today? First of all, It Is based on the Covenant. None can be admitted to the City of God, unless they have joined in Covenant with God and their fellow citizens and continue as

covenant-keepers. Antinomians will never be part of this government, because it recognizes God's law as being supreme over man's law. Those churches and religions which deny the relevancy of God's moral order will be excluded from being a part of it. Now, this government will

not descend upon earth in one days time; no, rather, it is gradually taking root and will eventually rule over all nations. Jesus reminded the people of this formula when he fed the five thousand men and their families. He caused them to sit down in fifties and hundreds. (Mk. 6:40; Lu. 9:14)

Here, I will give a brief outline of how this government will work. It's most basic structure Is the house group, which consists of ten families. These families, in the future will share all things in common. (It has only been in recent years that families separated themselves from the village and their kinfolk.) Where these cells come into existence in a city, for

instance, they seek to own the apartment complexes where they live. Those living in rural areas place their farms into corporations which also contain non-farm families, so that they can use the present tax laws and write-offs that exist in the tax codes now. New cells and communities are being formed even as I write.

However, one will not simply raise his hand and get into one of these groups. He must truly love God and have demonstrated that in his life, by his actions, by prayer and study of the scriptures. After he has proven himself, he is baptized. Those who are already baptized,

especially in infancy and belong to the various religious cults, sects and churches, are re- baptized. Then they will become eligible to be part of a cell. Each house-group elects a Leader (and a Steward, especially if they have established community.)

The leaders from ten house groups get together and choose one from among themselves to be their Elder. These positions are held for four years and they can be reelected as often as the leaders wish to elect

them. The Elders are responsible for the spiritual welfare of one hundred family units, including single individuals. It is their responsibility to see to the establishment of new cell or house groups.

The Stewards are responsible for economic development, food co-ops, and financial affairs of their house groups. Sometimes they work with other Stewards in joint-ventures and enterprises. The ten Stewards likewise elect one from their ranks to be their Deacon. The Deacons look

after financial and legal interests, at a higher level. Ten groups of a hundred families are bound together into larger groups of thousands. Within these larger groups, consisting of one-thousand families, their ten Elders get together and select a Pastor for nomination. He Is then ratified

by those families he Is to serve. There are single individuals in those groups but they have sponsors over them. The ten Deacons belonging to this group of 1000, elect a Deputy from their ranks. I shall not go into their duties here. (By studying such scriptures as Deut. 25:7; Lam. 5:14

we read about rulers who sat in the gates. While all rulers were elders, not all elders were rulers however. See II Ki. 10:1, Num 11:16: Deut. 21:2)

Similarly, each band of one-thousand is part of a much larger group consisting of ten-thousand families and other individuals. On the religious level, the ten Pastors choose one from their number to be the Priest. These Priests must be celibate and they have duties which would make this description too long, were we to go into them. On the

government level, the Deputies elect a Justice, who serves ten thousand families in that capacity. The bodies of ten-thousand, in turn, are part of larger organizations (Militias) made up of one hundred thousand. At the religious level, the ten Priests choose one from among their ranks to be their Bishop. On the government level the ten Justices elect a Captain,

who has military authority. These militias are exactly like the ones that existed in Colonial America before the War for Independence. The Swiss Army is still built around this model. Our Federal government effectively brought the state militias into the National Guard and then

made the National Guard an appendage to the Army. Our founding fathers never intended the militias to be part of the army but to oppose the federal army if necessity demanded. (See the Federalist Papers)

The militias must choose leaders of their own choosing. Originally, they were under the command of the state governor. Again, the bodies consisting of 100,000 are part of larger groups that make up a Million. But here, the ten Captains of the Militias would be responsible for electing two kinds of officials. They elect the Senators for the Senate

and Colonels for the Military. Each Senator would be responsible for a million households. Contrast this with our present system, where each Senator supposedly represents two and a half million people. (Originally, our state legislatures choose our federal senators but that was changed at the end of the Civil war, by a Constitutional amendment, because it was

too inimical to the carpetbaggers plans.) Nor does he need to campaign, because he is chosen by nine of his fellow Colonels. This saves the people millions of dollars. The Colonels are responsible for military preparedness for those under them. The Generals above them are

appointed by the President, who is elected by the Senators. Obviously this form of government is republican, moreso than democratic, since it would begin to restore our country to the rule of law instead of court rulings based on court precedents or rulings which come out of some

judge's head. In the City of God, there is only one party; the people of God. The Bishops are responsible for choosing the High Priest, who is also the celebrator of the Mysteries (the Hierophant). Many Christians mistakenly believe that if God is dwelling among the people, that there is

no need for a chain of authority. They totally misunderstand the meaning of the scriptures. I'll just add one other comment here. It Is my belief that those who are presently divided because of religious and political matters will one day be part of this brotherhood.

May God Bless you. J. 0. B.

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