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The Great Deception

  1. The New World Orders Concept of Education
  2. Options, Derivatives and Bubbles
  3. Spokes of the Wheel Come Together
  4. When the New World Order Arrives, the Relics of Christ to be Brought Forth


"The time will come, when they [Christians] will not abide the true teachings but will gather to themselves teachers according to their own desires and itching ears. They will turn away their ears from the Truth and shall turn to Fables." - 2 Timothy 4:3, 4

Beloved Friends,

Thus far in this study, we have examined some of the movements which have sprang up in the past few decades and the forth coming celebrations of JUBILEE 2000 in Jerusalem next year. In this article we have yet to explore another subterranean teaching that is beginning to receive much attention and it’s future implications and that has to do

with the issue of whether Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children and if they are still alive today. Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘fable’ to mean: ‘A fictitious narrative or statement; An untruth, a falsehood’ and that is precisely what we will be examining. I shall begin by quoting a former member of the intelligence community, William Cooper;

"One of the greatest secrets of the ages is the true story of the Holy Grail, the robe of Jesus, the remains of the Cross of Crucifixion, and whether Jesus actually died or if he survived and produced a child. Many myths surround the Knights Templar concerning these relics, and most

myths throughout history always have at least some basis in fact. If my sources are correct, the Knights Templar survive today as a branch of the Illuminati and guard the relics, which are hidden in a location known only to them...

"According to members of the intelligence community, when the New World Order is solidified, the relics will be taken out, will be united with the Spear of Destiny, and will according to legend, give the World’s Ruler absolute power. This may confirm beliefs passed

down through the ages that describe the significance of these relics when united in the hands of one man. It explains Hitler's desperate search for their hiding place during World War II."

"The Knights Templar were founded sometime during the 11th cent. in Jerusalem by the Prieuré de Sion for the express purpose of guarding remaining relics of Jesus and to provide military protection for the religious travelers during their pilgrimage to the Holy City.

"The Prieuré de Sion was a religious order founded upon Mount Sion in Jerusalem. The Order set for itself the goal of preserving and recording the bloodline of Jesus and the House of David. Through every means available to them, the Prieuré de Sion had found and

retrieved the remaining relics. These relics were entrusted to the Knights Templar for safekeeping. I am amazed at the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the information that they have unearthed. Most of all I am amazed at their inability to put the puzzle together. The treasure

hidden in France is not the treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem. It is the Holy Grail itself, the Robe of Jesus, the last remaining pieces of the Cross of Crucifixion, and, according to my sources, someone's bones. I can tell you that the reality of the bones will shake the world to its

very foundations if I have been told the truth. The relics are hidden in France. I know the location and so do the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, but they do not know that they know-- or do they?"1

Never mind, Beloved that enough pieces of the Cross of Jesus were found during the Middle Ages to build another Ark for Noah, we are now going to be treated to another discovery of pieces of the Cross, plus the actual crown of thorns, he wore during his crucifixion and his

real robe. With the public exhibition of these so called relics, we will asked to believe that a long lost descendant of Jesus will step forward to place himself upon a throne in Jerusalem (desirably in a newly built Temple that will be a shrine to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity). This

new revelation goes something like this: Jesus did not die on the Cross but lived to sir at least one child by Mary Magdalene. This child in turn sired several kings of Europe, whose dynasty was known as the Merovingian line. This dynasty was supplanted by the Carolingian dynasty, the servants of the Roman Catholic Pontiff. Let us look first at the question:


I always found it interesting that the 1st Century Christian, Ignatius of Antioch, when lauding the early Virgins in the Church, listed several persons but not Jesus. He wrote, "Let the virgins, the jewels of Christ, desire ever that which is better, for the sake of meditation in the word of the Lord; and have Christ alone before your eyes, that you may keep

yourselves as pure as Elijah, Joshua, Melchizedek, Elisha, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, John the Beloved, Paul, Timothy, Titus, Eurodius and Clement, all of whom departed this life in perfect chastity." We’ll return to Ignatius in a moment.

Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married but whether they produced children, I cannot say. I know of no historical records that mention sons and daughters of Jesus, from the first church at Jerusalem.

Why do I believe he was married? Because it would have been necessary for him to be married, before he could have been called a rabbi - which he was - or even before he could become the Messiah, according to prophecy.2 Furthermore, if you will place Luke 5:27-39

side by side with John 2:1-11, you will see that the Bridegroom was Jesus himself. But no where do we read of children sired by Jesus. Those who invent "endless genealogies" of the supposed descendants of Jesus are the same ones who like to link the Knights Templar with

the Cathars, as though they were related. If I didn’t know that the Cathars were tortured to death in castles belonging to the Templars, I might have swallowed that line.

Now, I do believe that those who fled the land of Israel, because they were being killed and persecuted by their own brethren in the 1st Century, did go forth to ‘rule the nations’ using spiritual weapons. I am myself, descended from a long line of illustrious families in Scotland that include the Brackeens, the Shannons, the Macraes the Sutherlands and many others.

Recently, James Trimm of the Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism, posted the Scottish Declaration of Independence, which was Scotland's Written Constitution of 1320 established at the time of Robert the Bruce. According to the Declaration of Arbroath,

posted also by the Constitution Society, the "sacred families" who were among its signatories believed that they were Israelites who were previously in bondage in Egypt. Several of the surnames of signatories are the sacred families mentioned in The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland:

"Written in fluent Latin, the Declaration of Arbroath reads in English as follows: To the Most Holy Father in Christ and Lord, the Lord John, by divine providence Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman and Universal Church, his

humble and devout sons Duncan, Earl of Fife, Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray, Lord of Man and of Annandale, Patrick Dunbar, Earl of March, Malise, Earl of Strathearn, Macolm, Earl of Lennos, William, Earl of Ross, Magnus, Earl

of Caithness and Orkney, and William, Earl of Sutherland; Walter, Stewart of Scotland, William Soules, Butler of Scotland, James, Lord of Douglas, Roger Mowbray, David, Lord of Brechin, David Graham, Ingram Umfraville, John

Menteith, guardian of the earldom of Menteith, Alexander Fraser, Gilbert Hay, Constable of Scotland, Robert Keith, Marischal of Scotland, Henry St. Clair, John Graham, David Lindsay, William Oliphant, Patrick Graham, John Fenton,

William Abernathy, David Wemyss, William Mushet, Fergus of Ardrossan, Eustace Maxwell, William Ramsay, William Mowat, Alan Murray, Donald Campbell, John Cameron, Reginald Cheyne, Alexander Seton, Andrew Leslie, and

Alexander Straiton, and the other barons and freeholders and the whole community of the realm of Scotland send all manner of filial reverence, with devout kisses of his blessed feet.

"Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater

Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous. Thence

they came twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today. The Britons they first drove out, the Picts they utterly destroyed, and even though very often

assailed by the Norwegians, the Danes and the English, they took possession of that home with many victories and untold efforts; and, as the historians of old time bear witness, they have held it free of all bondage ever since. In their kingdom there have reigned one hundred and thirteen kings of their own royal stock, the line unbroken by a single foreigner.

"The high qualities and deserts of these people, were they not otherwise manifest, gain glory enough from this: that the King of kings and Lord of lords, our Lord Jesus Christ, after His Passion and Resurrection, called them, even though settled in

the uttermost parts of the earth, almost the first to His most holy faith. Nor would He have them confirmed in that faith by merely anyone but by the first of His Apostles by calling, though second or third in rank, the most gentle Saint

Andrew, the Blessed Peter's brother, and desired him to keep them under his protection as their patron for ever..."

What we are being exposed to, is a prolonged, systematic program to ‘Judaize’ Christianity and bring it back under the control of men, who in all truth, do not recognize Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. They wish us to return to the observance of the Sabbath (Saturn’s Day), which

honors YHVH , not the Most High God of the Christians. Even Albert Pike the most famous Mason, wrote in his ‘Morals and Dogmas’, that when the Mason advances to the 32nd and 33rd degree, only then is it revealed to him that the Masons do not worship the God of the Christians but Lucifer, God of Light.


John the Beloved, in his Revelation recorded the warning of Jesus Christ about a school of thought that existed in the 1st Century of Christianity, called the Nicolaitines. To the people in Ephesus, he wrote, "You have there, those who hate the deeds of the Nicolaites, which I also hate." To the people of Pergamum, he wrote, "You also have those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitines, a thing I hate."3

The Secret Book of the Egyptians (a Gnostic writing) informs us that, Nicolas had been one of the first deacons ordained by the Apostles and that he originally came from Antioch. It is against his ‘Judaizing’ doctrine that the above passages were directed.

The Apostles Paul and Barnabus fought against these people at Antioch. "But there arose up certain of the sect of the Pharisees which believed, saying that it was necessary to circumcise them and to command them to keep the Law of Moses."4 It was because of these

false teachers, that the 1st Church Council was convened in Jerusalem to decide this issue and it was decided that the Gentile converts to Christianity should only have to abide by the laws which Noah gave to his sons.5

The church at Antioch was a bastion of Christian training in the early centuries but it did have it’s aberrant teachers. The online Encyclopedia Britannica says of Ignatius, one its first pastors: ‘IGNATIUS THEOPHOROS (Greek: God Bearer) (died c. 110, Rome), bishop of

Antioch, Syria, known mainly from seven highly regarded letters that he wrote during a trip to Rome, as a prisoner condemned to be executed for his beliefs. He was apparently eager to counteract the teachings of two groups - the Judaizers, who did not accept the authority of the

New Testament and the Docetist, who held that Christ’s sufferings were apparent but not real."

I find this interesting because we do know that the School of Antioch refused to accept into their Canon, the books of II Peter, II & III John, Jude and Revelation because they had begun to teach that all men would eventually be saved. Talk about a false teaching. All one has to do is read II Peter 2:4-9; 3:7; Jude 5-7 and Revelation 20:11-15 to see why those teachers would not accept these books.


Beloved, several times in these newsletters, I have warned of the dangerous teaching contained in the footnotes of the C. I. Scofield Bible published in Oxford, England.

His was a very systematic denial of the Hope of the true Christian. By denying that the Kingdom of Heaven exists now and postponing it until some future millennial reign of Christ, he did enormous harm to 20th Century Christians. The

Apostle Paul spoke of a "Hope which is laid up for you in heaven"6 which is the same as the "Hope of eternal Life, which God, who cannot lie, promised before the world began".7 But these men substitute a life here on earth during

some future reign of Christ. A prime example of this is Anthony Buzzard, a former devotee of Herbert W. Armstrong. In his On line writing: The Christian Hope: Life in the Land of Promise Made to Abraham, he says

"A non biblical view of the future, divorced from the land and the earth, was promoted by Gentiles unsympathetic to the heritage of Israel, for whom the promise of the land to Abraham was the foundation of the

nations deepest aspirations. In direct contradiction of Jesus, Gentilized Christianity has substituted "heaven at death" for the biblical promise of life in the Land. The message of Jesus' famous beatitude, "Blessed are the meek

for they shall inherit the land" (Mat. 5:5) can no longer be heard above the din of endless funeral sermons announcing that the dead have gone to heaven!

..."Central to Jewish self-understanding was the conviction that Israel was the Lord's inheritance.... Integral to the national faith was the conviction that God had given Israel the inheritance of Palestine, the promised land. It is this axiom,

which Paul evokes and refers to the new Christian movement as a whole, Gentiles as well as Jews. They are the heirs of God...Worldwide Inheritance

...It is essential that we do not add alien material to Paul's exposition of God's salvation plan. The promise to Abraham and to his offspring is that he and they are to be "heir of the world" (Rom. 4:13). Paul has not abandoned the account in

Genesis from which he quotes explicitly (Rom. 4:3, Gal. 3:6 from Gen. 15:9). Since the promised land of Canaan would be the center of the Messianic government it was obvious that inheritance of the land implied inheritance of the world. But

the promise remains geographical and territorial corresponding exactly with Jesus' promise to the meek that they would "inherit the land/earth" (Mat. 5:5), His belief that Jerusalem would be the city of the Great King (Mat. 5:35),

and that believers would administer a New World Order with Him (Mat. 19:28; Luke 22:28-30; Rev. 2:26, 3:21, 5:10, 20:1-6). In short the promise of the land, which is fundamental to the Christian Gospel, is now the promise of the Kingdom

of God - the renewed "inhabited earth of the future" (Heb. 2:5), which is not subject to angels but to the Messiah and the saints, the "Israel of God" (Gal. 6:16) who are heirs of the covenant..."Heaven"

"References in the New Testament to "heaven" are limited to contexts in which the future reward of believers is said to be preserved now as treasure with God in heaven. "Heaven" as a place removed from the earth is, however, never the

destination of the believer in the Bible-neither at death nor at the resurrection. Christians must now identify with their reward, at present stored up in heaven for them, so that they may receive it when Jesus brings it to the earth at

His Second Coming (Col. 1:5, I Pet. 1;4, 5). That reward was made known to the converts when the Christian Gospel of the Kingdom of God was preached to them (Mat. 1:14, 15; Luke 4:43; Acts 8:12, 19:8, 20:25, 28:23, 31). Belief in the

Gospel in Apostolic times was not confined to belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus, but included the whole invitation to prepare for a place in Messiah's worldwide dominion to be realized on earth. The situation

is very different today when little or nothing is preached about inheriting the earth with Jesus. There is an urgent need for believers to heed Paul's warning not to be "moved away from the hope held out in the Gospel" (Col. 1:23). The loss of the Kingdom in the Gospel is symptomatic of the loss the roots of Christianity in the Old Testament... Faith in God's World Plan

...The repeated offer of "heaven" in popular preaching renders meaningless the whole hope of the prophets (based on the Abrahamic promise) that the world is going to enjoy an unparalleled era of blessing and peace under the just rule of

the Messiah and the resurrected faithful - those who believe in "the Kingdom of God and the name [i.e., the Messiahship and all that this entails] of Jesus," and who are baptized in response to that early creed in Acts 8:12:

"When they believed Philip as he proclaimed the Gospel about the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were being baptized both men and women."
This text remains a model for evangelism and calls the contemporary church back to its roots in the Covenant made with "the father of the faithful" which can be fulfilled only in Messiah Jesus. For the fulfillment of that plan we are

to pray, "Thy Kingdom come," and strive to conduct ourselves "worthy of God who is calling us into His Kingdom and glory" (I Thess. 2:12). The truth about our Christian destiny will be reinstated when we return to the biblical language about "entering the Kingdom," "inheriting the earth"

(Mat. 5:5), and ruling on earth (Rev. 5:10) and abandon our cherished hopes for "heaven." The way will then be open for us to understand that Christianity is a call to Kingship and that a Saint is one appointed to rule on the earth in the coming Kingdom of the Messiah (Dan. 7:18, 22, 27).

Throughout the past two millenniums, I think it would be safe to say that the Apostles and their disciples went forth into the whole world and subjected the nations of Earth to the laws of Christ but that is not the same thing that these men have in mind. They would deny the inner

transformation of man and the Divinization of the Soul to substitute some earthly, delayed kingdom, ruled by a mere man. Did not Paul also advise, "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth." 8


To conclude this writing, we need to remember an ancient prophecy, made by Zechariah. He foresaw something, which must have seemed unbelievable to him and that was a vision of the Jews making war on Jerusalem. He wrote, "And Judah shall also fight against Jerusalem. . ."9


For the Christian, there are two Jerusalems - the old city captured by David, the Great King - and spiritual Jerusalem built by God, that sits on the great mountain. We must remember that it was the ancient city Jerusalem which the Apostle Peter referred to when he called it

‘BABYLON’ in his letter to the Christians in Asia, saying, "The church that is at Babylon elected together with you salutes you and so does Mark, my son."10

I don’t believe there is any mystery as to which Jerusalem Zechariah was referring. He certainly was not speaking of the ancient earthly city, when he described it. "Then I asked, Where are you going? And he (the Angel) said to me, To measure Jerusalem to see what its breadth and

width will be. And behold, the Angel that spoke with me, went forth and another Angel went out to meet him and said to him, Run, tell this young man, Jerusalem shall be inhabited as Towns without walls, because of the multitudes of men and cattle therein, for says the LORD, I will be

unto her a wall of fire around her and the Glory within her. . . .Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion, for I will Come and I will dwell in your midst, and many nations shall be joined to the LORD in that day and shall be my People and I will dwell in your midst. . ."

"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people and they shall lay siege against both Judah and Jerusalem. And in that day, I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people. All who burden themselves with it, will be cut to pieces, though all the people of the Earth be gathered against it."

" And this shall be the plague which the LORD will smite the people that have fought against Jerusalem; their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth. and a great tumult

from the LORD shall be among them; and they shall everyone of them, lay hold of the hand of his neighbor, and his hand shall rise up against the hand of his neighbor."11

Beloved, we need to realize that there are two Jerusalems and not be deceived by those who hate the Truth and love the Lie and invent false histories. God’s peace be with you. - Jeffrey Brackeen


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