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The Great Deception

  1. The New World Orders Concept of Education
  2. Options, Derivatives and Bubbles
  3. Spokes of the Wheel Come Together
  4. When the New World Order Arrives, the Relics of Christ to be Brought Forth



by Jeffrey Brackeen

"Let no man deceive you, because that day (the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together with him) shall not come until first, there is a great departure or falling away [from the Truth] and then shall the Man of Sin - the Son of Perdition - be revealed." - 2 Thessalonians 2:3

Beloved friends,

What we have been examining in this series of writings is a master plan so subtle, so well thought out, that it seems unbelievable. And if we didnít know who was responsible for drawing up the blueprint, we would have to say that it is

far-fetched. But as Abraham Lincoln said shortly before he was assassinated, when you see timbers cut to exact dimensions, being pieced together, some large and some small and they begin to take on the appearance of a great building, one has to conclude that

there was a master plan, in the beginning. In this article, I hope to lay before you, even more proof that there is a great scheme afoot. And I think you will see the many spokes that are pointing towards a hub. All the pieces are coming together rapidly. Permit me to give a quick overview first.

Over the past few decades, we have seen various and sundry movements, which at first glance, seem not even remotely akin to each other, arise. But as I shall show, they are all moving together to produce a finished product. Many players have participated to bring


In his critique of Peter Michasí book ĎThe Armstrong Empireí Joseph Hopkins' lays bare a new twist on Herbert W. Armstrongís teachings. "Among these were denial of the Trinity and the personality of the Holy Spirit, insistence on the seventh-day Sabbath and compliance with Jewish feasts and dietary laws, denunciation of

Christmas and Easter as pagan holidays, and the belief that the "lost ten tribes" of Israel have survived to the present day, and that the Anglo-Saxon people of England and America are the lineal descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh. 2


Personally, I never realized the extent of this movement, until recently, I ran across a web page with links to dozens of groups that contend for the importance of worshiping God by his true name. Now, I grant you that most Christians have never really given much

consideration to this subject but it is being forced down their throats by activists who are seeking to lead Christians back to the worship of YHVH. When I tell a lot of folks that we do not worship the same god as the Jews, they look at me in total amazement. This is the test for

modern Christianity. By the way, the name YHVH as I understand it, breaks down into two parts - first part male and the other female- Yah and Heveh, which is translated Eve in Christian Bibles. So donít be worried about the proper pronunciation of YHVHís name.


In recent years, Iíve also seen a keen interest in the study and practice of the ancient Jewish feasts. In the 4th Century, Chrysostom rose up eloquently against the people of Constantinople who were beginning to celebrate these feasts. He decried this in no uncertain terms.

There were seven main feasts: The first three took place during the month of Nisan (Passover, First Fruits, etc). Most Christians view the first three feasts as being representative of Christís work of redemption.

A fourth, the feast of Pentecost (Greek for fifty days) followed fifty days later and it was at the time of this feast that the Holy Spirit baptized the representatives of the first Church.

The last three feasts were celebrated in Sivan. They are said to foretell the final labors of Christ and his Second Coming. But we are beginning to see the emergence of Charismatic preachers, who are reinterpreting the meaning of these feasts.


In his book, The Star of 2000, Jay Gary speaks of a proposal made in 1979 by Reformed professor Lew Mudge "that the churches which are still divided should settle their differences as we approach the year 2000 and convene a holy council in that year - the first universal

council since A.D. 787." Exclaiming that this would be "a gift of God" . . . and "the greatest Christian congress in 2,000 years!," Gary then relates unpack this mega-image, if we unwrap this birthday gift from heaven, Mission 2000 becomes Meal 2000, Countdown 2000 we fill with Celebration 2000. This is my prayer and I'm sure it's yours."

Robin McMillan and Steve Thompson wrote that in order for us to fulfill our destiny, "We must discover the meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles and 'celebrate' it along with Passover and Pentecost. . . . What God did among Jews in Jerusalem, He is going to do AMONG HUMANITY AND WORLDWIDE. Pentecost will come to maturity in the Feast of Tabernacles."


In his Detroit Free Press article, David Crumm stated that "the Pontiff wants to move rapidly to break down barriers between the churches. He wants temporary agreements to allow members to worship together in special Jubilee programs. Beyond that, the Pope hopes to move quickly toward full communion, in which members of the churches would share worship services."

The Pontiff certainly wants a display of unity and communion, among all the Christians of the world In an article originally published in the March/April 1978 edition of New Covenant magazine and now found in Good News, the newsletter for the Catholic Renewal published by the

National Service Committee in England (Jan/Feb 1995), we read "But something new has happened to us in the charismatic renewal. When we were baptized in the Spirit, we experienced a God who does make a difference.. . . The revelation of Jesus - his words, his actions - is not

just a bunch of separate fragments cast out for the winds to carry wherever chance leads them. THERE IS A PLAN TO THIS REVELATION; it builds up to something. God is not manifesting himself in a random or chaotic way with no ultimate purpose.". . . The

Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, The New Temple, The New Israel, and so on. All of them indicate that God's purpose in manifesting Himself to mankind is to create A CORPORATE REALITY made up of Christians in union with Christ "The Word of life MADE MANIFEST is ultimately, then, this single corporate reality The One new Man."

Barbara Marx Hubbard, is a woman that I admire, because we generally operate on the same wave length. She believes, "The great Instant of Co-operation. . . . will come to the PEOPLES OF EARTH TOGETHER in one instant of time. . . . It means ALL OF YOU

co-experiencing the same force at the same time and acting together in accord with the idea that you have from within. It means transcending the experience of self-consciousness. The WALLS will come down EVERYWHERE ON EARTH." Others see these events as leading up to the birth of new child, the Divine Man.


Matthew Fox (Dominican, Director of the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality) says: "Indeed, the birthing of the Cosmic Christ is the purpose of the incarnation. . . Divinity wants to birth the Cosmic Christ in each and every individual.

Pierre Tielhard de Chardin wrote,

"Sooner or later souls will end by giving themselves to the religion which activates them most as human beings." Pope John Paul II said, "Mary . . .should inspire all who cooperate in the Church's apostolic mission for the REBIRTH OF HUMANITY. . . ."

During CELEBRATION 2,000, Pope John Paul II, is expected to speak to the entire world via T.V. and radio. What he will say is not entirely known.


In Moravia - a remote corner of the Earth on May 21, 1995, Pope John Paul II asked the Protestants to forgive the Catholic Church, for the wrongs they have suffered at the hands of the Catholics. He said, "Today, I, Pope of the Church of Rome, in the name of all Catholics,

ask forgiveness for the wrongs inflicted on non-Catholics during the turbulent history of these peoples. At the same time, I pledge the Catholic Churchís forgiveness for whatever harm her sons and daughters have suffered."

But in June of 1999, this same Pope John Paul II, spoke to a crowd estimated at close to one million people in Mexico City, urging them to take to the streets and fight "fallacious and novel ideologies". Many Protestant groups in Mexico, in recent months have reported increased

persecution, including burning of homes, plunder, beatings and even death. Is this the kind of Ďrepentanceí we can expect from Rome?

We are also advised that Matrayia is to reveal himself during this period and that at his advent, everyone on earth will hear a great sound and feel him speak to them in their own language! ! !


Although the anniversary of Israel becoming a nation is not an actual Jubilee, it is a symbolic jubilee which points to a growing expectation -- and future fulfillment. Judaism counts the cycle of 50 years continually from the crossing of the Jordan river into Canaan by Joshua in 1451 B.C. (Joshua 4:19) to the present day -- putting the next official Jubilee in the year 2000.

The Academy of Jerusalem web page, , has some very interesting information about the activities planned to occur in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea area. Here is a sampling of proposed activities:


Background: The Jubilenium company seeks to further events connected with the Millenarian celebrations in Israel on the Year 2000. These may include also a large gathering around the Dead Sea proposed by Iris Yotvat and Leon Saponar.

The Academy of Jerusalem can take conceptual, informational and artistic studies that will support these particular festivities, while High-Or Inc. will undertake design and management of the facilities and structured activities listed below. website will feature all these developments and inform a world-wide audience about them.

The Academy of Jerusalem Information Packets: Jubilee, Millennium, Dead Sea as the Womb of the Holy-land and others (see appendix a ist of topics).

1. The Heavenly Temple Laser/holograpic Show.

Having developed original concepts for the Virtual Yer-Shalem Universal Temple - YeShU T (which are featured at , e can specify related Laser/Holographic spectacles for the Jubilenium. In the context of the Dead Sea basin, we can specify:

1. the holographic display of "The Flight of the Ka'aba to

Jerusalem" sweeping over the Dead Sea; related

2. "The Tabernacle of Peace over the Dead Sea" made of 12

laser/light beams (for the 12 'tribes' forming and taking part in the

celebrations), in that Tabernacle within the 'Womb of the Land of

Israel' a the Dead Sea basin.

2. The Tree of Life (The High-Or X-mas intelligent Tree design) as groups trainer.

We have a design for a "Tree of Life' that serves psychological and spiritual group work. The current designs are for 2-12 people groups. We can augment these with larger, teepee/tent type deign for up to 20 people inside and to 400 people outside or even larger design. These would be erected on the sites of the happenings.

3. Posters and Art Show of the 12 Tribes and the Heavenly Jerusalem 'Ka'aba'.

Our current and projected pictures and writings provide enough material for poters and books for sale during these events, as well as organizing art shows which would be very engaging for the people who would come to participating in the millenarian events. The four pictures

(90X120 cm and 110x110 cm) of "The Heavenly Jerusalem Quest" will be placed within a 130 cm cube of "The Heavenly Jerusalem Ka'aba", around which the 12 pictures of the 12 Tribes (by Leon Saponar, featured at Art Gallery) will be arrayed according to "The New Jerusalem Diagram", to mark the ritual space for

. . . . .

5. The Paradisical Theme Park, local and across the whole Land of Israel.

The two key sites, of Nazareth and of the Dead Sea (as Yesod- womb), will be marked upon a special map of "The Spiritual Geography of the Holy Land", with sacred sites and the alignments between them, and upon which a diagram of "The Tree of Life" is traced, marking ten

such sites. This will be a plan for the Paradisical Theme Park drawn over the whole land of Israel, with the Nazareth and the Dead Sea festivities comprising two of the whole potential.

Over the Dead Sea basin, the grid will be redrawn to coordinate the local festivities and rituals.

6. The 12 Tribes of the New Israel and the 12 Gates of the Inner Sea.

The most festive gatherings for Israel, both ancient and future, are of "The Gathering of the Tribes" of Israel. While this admits of various interpretations, the appropriate way for the celebrations is by "letting the Tribes declare themselves", initially adopting some simple (e.g.

astrological) system and then refining it by ceremoniously moving about. 12 sites around the Dead sea would then become the "camping grounds" for dynamically-forming the tribes.

7. The Dead Sea Shekhina Epiphany celebrations.

Ein Gedi by the Dead Sea is the setting for some of the most beautiful of the Canticles. We shall design The Ein Gedi Canticles Show and other components of The Sakina 2000 Epiphany - namely 1) Wisdom Conference, 2) Musical festival and 3) a New Israel Revival - as

appropriate for this region. Building an appropriate portable "Tabernacle Theatre", containing "The King's Chambers" and utilizing the spectacular actual environment, a show of ýŚŠť šýŚžÓťķ "Return of the Shulamite" can be enacted, drawing the participation of thousands of people.


According to William Cooper, a former C. I. A. operative, "Simultaneously a vault containing the ancient records of the earth will be opened in Egypt. The opening of the vault will usher in the millennium. A great celebration has already been planned by the Millennium Society to take place at the pyramids in Egypt..."

In The Case of the Psychic, the Scholar and the Sphinx, it opens with a statement from the Association for Research and Enlightenment of the Edgar Cayce Foundation as to the importance of the SRI project: "There has been one systematic search, a sort of direct shot at finding

the Hall of Records, when the Edgar Cayce Foundation funded SRI International." (Venture Inward, 1985, p. 85) Edgar Cayce, who was known as the "sleeping prophet," entered into deep trances during which he prophesied the existence of a Hall of Records in Egypt with identification as to its specific location:

"One of the most persistent accounts states that

the line of shadow (or light) falls between the paws of the Sphinx...There is a chamber or passage from the right forepaw [of the Sphinx] to this entrance of the record chamber...'"

"According to the readings, the Hall of Records is to be discovered and re-entered when 'the time has been fulfilled' -- which, Cayce suggested, would be at or just before the close of the twentieth century,

perhaps in 1998. The readings allude frequently to Old and New Testaments of the Bible, certain numerous references to Jesus, and depict the rediscovery of the Hall of Records as being

linked in some way to a series of events that will prelude the 'Second Coming' of Christ." (The Message of the Sphinx, p. 88)


Sources inform me that the former President George Bush is going to Egypt at the end of December, so that he can do his part to usher in the year 2000 at the site of the Great Pyramid. One

report says that on December 31, the gold cap is to be replaced on top of the Great Pyramid. Other reports say that Mr. Bush wants to be there when the vaults under the Sphinx are opened. There are

hints in both Greek and Egyptian writings that precious writings were stored there many millennia ago, that will show that man has inhabited this earth for literally thousands of years and once had a very high civilization. Hereís some history.

The good side of this, is that in the spirit of Jubilee, President Bill Clinton is laying the ground work to forgive 90% of the national debts of Third World countries, by his directives to the World Bank and the I. M. F. I applaud him for this move.
Friends, I am sure that many thousands of Christians and pilgrims will journey to the ancient city of Jerusalem in the year 2,000 to celebrate. As the prophet warned long ago, "You should not

follow the multitude to do evil". Until the Roman Pontiff calls for a Solemn Assembly, I will not be inclined to believe him or sit down at a communal table. "Sanctify a fast, call for a Solemn Assembly.

Gather the Elders and the inhabitants of the land to the House of the LORD, your God and cry unto him. For Alas, the Day of the LORD is near. As a destruction from the Almighty, shall it come . . . Blow the Trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a Solemn Assembly."4

May God bless you my reader. Be not deceived.
With Love, Jeffrey Brackeen
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3. Chapter 5, The Message of the Sphinx, "The Case of the Psychic, the Scholar
4. Joel 1:14, 15; 2:15

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