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War On America

  1. The Corruption of the Presidency
  2. A Common Currency for 34 Countries
  3. Danger form Executive Orders; The War on Mankind
  4. Al Gore's Promise of Wrenching Transformation of Society



"In those days, there was no king in Israel; therefore, every man that which was right in his own eyes"! Judges 21:25

In our last issue, we looked at some of the amazing Signs which have appeared in the heavens, over the past few years. One of my readers expressed dismay over the fact that I was dabbling in ‘astrology’, as he called it. This brother seems to think that the only

relevant sign for a ‘born again’ Christian is "speaking in tongues", by which he means glossalia, which to me is not a real language. The only Sign promised to our age, was not the gift of glossalia, but Signs appearing in the heavens and the Sun and the Moon.

In last week’s issue, we saw the significance attached to the alignment of seven Planets in Capricorn, (January 12th) in 1994. It was in that year, that several events of great importance took place, but were ignored by the mass media.

As of February 10th of 1994, at 2:30 PM, the Chinese entered two new cycles. One is a 60 year cycle and the other, called the time of the ‘Wooden Dog’, is a cycle of 300 years; thus ending a greater cycle of 2500 years. Astute Chinese observers believe that a new form of leadership will arise and lead mankind to a higher level of actualization.

In 1994, thirty-three Presidents, Prime Ministers and Leaders, representing 33 countries in North and South America, convened the first "SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS" in Miami Florida. These leaders agreed to create the ‘FREE TRADE AREAS OF THE

AMERICAS’ by the year 2005. In his comments on this meeting, President Bill Clinton said, "For the first time ever, we established an architecture for hemispheric relations from the arctic Circle in the north to Argentina in the south. We created a work plan from which the

democratic governments of the Americas could be judged by their people. We established a follow-on process to ensure that the decisions we reached at the Summit would be carried out. And we built a frame work for further discussion at this year’s Summit in Santiago, Chile,

based on our shared values, common interests, and joint mission to pursue a true partnership for hemispheric peace and prosperity."

Beloved friends, what is being built before our very eyes is the infrastructure to build a common currency for all 33 countries and a common educational system. The State Department of the United States has issued a publication entitled, ‘Words into Deeds: Progress Since

the Miami Summit’, which is truly enlightening! It reveals that there are 23 initiatives in their Plan of Action and it showed the progress which has already been made in that direction. Joan Veon analyzed this document and recognized four areas which these initiatives cover: (1)

Preserving and Strengthening the community of Democracies in the Americas; (2) Promoting Prosperity through Economic Integration and Free Trade; (3) Eradicating Poverty and Discrimination in our Hemisphere; and (4) Guaranteeing Sustainable Development and

Conserving our Natural Environment for Future Generations. She sees all these initiatives as fulfilling the United Nations treaties and conventions and the directives emanating from such conferences as; ‘Earth Summit’ in Rio (1992); The U.N. Conference on Population and

Development in Cairo (1994); the Social Summit in Copenhagen (1995); the Fourth Women’s Conference in Beijing (1995); the Habitat II Conference in Istanbul (1996); and the World Food Summit in Rome (1996).


All of these 34 countries are being drawn into a single country by their ministers, through trade, education, finance and possibly religion. Paul Volcker, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, made an interesting prediction in 1991. He said, "In five years, you will find a fixed exchange rate among the Peso, the U. S. Dollar and the Canadian Dollar." 1

In the United States, we have already seen the introduction of various species of new currency, in the form of new $20 and $50 dollar bills. The official line from the Treasury is that these bills are being introduced to foil counterfeiters, drug smugglers and even computer hackers!!! If this is so, why haven’t the old bills been recalled? Drug smugglers can still use the older bills to transact their business with.

It was Marco Polo, who brought back samples of paper money from China. But, as Gengis Khan discovered, paper money permits a government to steal the earnings and wealth of its citizens through inflation. So, that raises an interesting question; what is this common

currency that is being foisted upon us without the consent of our Congress, going to be backed up with? And why has there been no outcry in the Senate or the House of Representatives?

Jack Kemp, far from protesting, has made it clear that he would like to see a common currency for the U.S. and the other 33 countries involved. He said, "They would have a common currency linked to the U.S. dollar and you’d have stable exchange rates as a result."2 In other

words, it would not be based on gold or precious metals or commodities, such as wheat or oil, but on a paper dollar! Needless to say, these plans also call for a unified Stock Exchange .

The Byzantine Empire lasted 1260 years. One of the reasons it was the longest lived empire in history, was because its coins had the same metallic content and value at the end of the 1260 years as they did at the beginning of this Christian empire. This permitted its citizens to save, invest and pass along the fruits of their labors to their children.

With the creation of a single currency for the Western Hemisphere it would be easy to go one step further and have electronic money with no paper.

At the Summit in Santiago, Chile, President Clinton said, "Here in Santiago, we embrace out responsibility to make these historic forces to lift the lives of all our people. That is the future we can forge together. It is a future worthy of a new America in the new Millennium."


On March 31, 1994, President Bill Clinton signed legislation to empower GOALS 2000. Earlier this year, I warned my readers about a new method of teaching (indoctrination) which would give every would-be worker ‘Certificates of Mastery’, without which, they will

become unemployable. Education in the United States is being restructured from top to bottom under the mandates of Federal Law (P.L. 103-227)

Any State which fails to comply with the ‘voluntary’ guidelines issued by the Washington Educrats will have their federal funds cut off. (Isn’t paying taxes in this country supposed to be ‘voluntary’? But what happens, when you fail to ‘volunteer’ your money?)

The Federal bureaucrats got their foot in the door of the local school house with the passage of Johnson’s ‘Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965. Today, all 50 States are receiving some kind of money from GOALS 2000 (DOE). Under the new

legislation, a ‘National Panel’ has been set up to issue, what Kathy Finnegan calls "an annual Report Card" which shows how the States are complying with ‘National Standards’, under Title II.

Title III has made it possible for a myriad of federal agencies to move into the local school house to provide child care, nutrition, health care, social services (including welfare, counseling and Social Security) and various mechanisms to place young people into the work force

‘Lifelong Learning’ is a concept developed by the United Nations UNESCO. Title IV, would permit helpful teachers and social workers to visit young people’s homes and report anything they see in the child’s ‘portfolio’. These ‘certified parent educators’ will look for problems in the home and can even recommend psychiatric or social services.

It is very obvious that a dysfunctional home is not conducive to the development of character and harmony in a young person’s life, as I can well attest. But since public education drove God out of the class room by banning prayer, Bible reading and recitation of the ten commandments and substituted pornographic sex-education classes, it has gone from mediocrity to subversion.

Under Title VI, international education exchanges are now being set up through the U.S. Department of State. Since most of these exchanges will be with former Soviet bloc countries, you can imagine the socialist indoctrination our children will be exposed to. GOALS 2000 is not

really about education at all. It’s primary aim to to mold our young people into pliable fodder for the corporate grist mill. It has more to do with politically correct attitudes than academics.

The good news is that while public education continues its slide, the home school movement is growing. But even this will not suffice against the future on-sloughs which will materialize from Washington Educrats. We are beginning to see the emergence of a new ‘school of Wisdom’

which, I believe will have and is already beginning to have a profound impact upon the instruction of our young and old alike. Before I touch on this trend, permit me to go back and review it’s struggle to emerge.


Ancient mystery schools were launched in the Mayan peninsula immediately after the great world-wide flood which annihilated most of life on earth. Similar schools were begun in Egypt and Babylon. Those who remember the Secret Wisdom which had been handed down by the great teachers before the Flood, sought to preserve all the sacred sciences of man and God in their new schools.

The universal symbolism employed by this brotherhood of teachers, was the twelve Signs of the Zodiac and related Constellations. Egypt used its priests to teach mathematics, astronomy, medicine, art and architecture to worthy students, including future Pharaohs. Babylon

around 2400 B.C. used their priests to pave the way for the development of a peaceful, yet powerful government in Mesopotamia. The Chaldeans divided the Circle into 360 degrees which gave them such sacred numbers as 6, 10, 12, 30 and 60. It was they who inserted a

twelfth Sign in the Zodiac by converting the claws of the Scorpion into the Scales or Balances. They began to develop strong laws and to inoculate a sense of moral responsibility in individuals. They believed that the twelve Signs were guide posts for personal liberation and

integration, as can be seen today, in their Mulapin Cuneiform inscriptions found in Mesopotamia. They considered the Zodiac more important to them for the understanding of time and seasons than the pronouncements of Gods, who lived, grew old and died, much like humans.


The Wisdom traditions were continued in the far east by the Mongolian tribes, who followed one of the Khans from Tibet, known as Gesar Ling. These names break down as follows: Gesar means ‘indomitable’; Ling means ‘country of the Wheel’ Gesar Ling was sent to earth by the goddess Manene and her twelve Zodiac helpers to restore harmony and balance to mankind through cosmic laws.

Gesar was persecuted by a scheming uncle, which drove him into poverty, but he won his war for his throne and his princess, because he was swifter than others. It was he who discovered a Wheel in the Mountain, which contained all the sacred numbers, the eight spaced

trigrams of the I Ching, the twelve Signs of the Zodiac, the four levels of Consciousness, the decimal system and the sacred square of the first nine numbers! To this day, many Tibetans still carry this wheel with them.


Gesar was followed in the east by Siddhartha Gautama around 500 B.C., who put the Wheel in Motion. The story of Gautama Buddha is too well known for me to spend a lot of space on him. Suffice it to say, that after six years of study and ascetic mortification, as taught by the Brahman priests he was grieved because none of the techniques he had learned, led to liberation from suffering.

After meditating for the first three nights of a new moon, while sitting under a Bodhi-tree, he came to starting revelations. On the first night, he saw his former incarnations in various existences, back to the beginning of Creation. On the second night, he realized his mission was to preach

to his fellow men, all the possible ways of achieving liberation from continuous incarnations and suffering. On the third night, he came to the realization that his work would succeed for a thousand years and be superceded by a more exact Knowledge.

He began by preaching that suffering results from the desire for rebirth which creates various states of consciousness alternating between, sleep, dream, waking, imagination, with ever changing subjects and identities. He invented the number zero to symbolize the state of emptiness basic to the realization of total Awareness (or Samadhi). He

chose as the symbol of his teaching, an eight-spooked wheel to represent the Eight-fold Path consisting of Right belief; Right convictions, Right teaching; Right actions, Right living, Right intentions; Right thinking and Right contemplation. The number 8 remained sacred to Christians, but for different reasons.

The Buddha’s teachings gave rise to subsequent forms of Yoga and new traditions regarding the Chakras and even Alchemy, on down to new developments in physics, such as fractals, deterministic chaos and PrimaSounds. The Buddhist schools of India were destroyed in turn by Brahman priests as they sought to return to ritualized religion and by invading Muslims.

. Over the centuries, we have seen various schools of Wisdom come and go. Some of the them were long lived others were suppressed by governments The wisdom of Socrates was continued by Plato and perverted by Aristotle. Socrates had been forced to drink a cup of

hemlock, by his fellow citizens. Pythagorus, was a follower of Socrates and Plato, but he studied the sacred sciences of Egypt and Babylon as well. On his way back from Egypt, he stoped in Israel, where he had a profound influence upon the Essenes.

Pythagorus, made great contributions to the study of music. He believed that music was a physical manifestation of numbers. His school at Krotona, Italy, was eventually destroyed by a drunken mob from a near-by town .


From time immemorable, laws were handed down by kings, after they had established themselves, sometimes claiming divinity for themselves. Some claimed to have received their law directly from the Gods themselves, as in the cases of Hammurabi and Moses. Other people received their laws from wise men (like Salon of Athens).

When the plebeians of Rome rebelled against the patricians, during the 5th Century B.C., unless they were granted certain rights, the Roman Senate decided to send ten well respected men (the famous Decemvir) to Athens to study their Constitution. Upon their return to Rome, they

established twelve Tables of Law, based on the twelve Constellations of heaven. For instance, the eighth Sign is that of Scorpio (the house of death), so the eighth table dealt with capitol punishment. The second table, after the second Sign, Taurus, dealt with

wealth and property rights. Certain key concepts were embedded in the law at that time, which have remained central to Western law ever since. But with the passage of centuries, the reasons for these concepts became diminished and in some countries and climes, perished

completely. Just as our modern astrologers use the Zodiac to publish horoscopes, having completely forgotten the original Knowledge behind the Signs of the Heavens.


With the appearance of Jesus Christ in the 1st Century of our era, he came and taught the people great moral truths but to his ‘elect ones’ he revealed great Mysteries, that were not dissimilar from the Mysteries of Eleusis. Where ever his followers went, they

established schools of Wisdom, very similar to the schools of the Greeks. Some of the great ‘teachers’ of the 1st Century, included Paul the Apostle, Dionysus, John, the Beloved, Valentinus and others. As the 2nd Century opened there were great schools in

Alexandria, under Pantaemus and Clement, his Disciple. Origen, the disciple of Clement, became the greatest teacher in the near East. He became so famous, that the Bishop of Alexandria, out of envy banished him. He went to Israel, where he was welcomed

with open arms by the bishops of Jerusalem and Antioch. By the time of the 3rd Century, Augustine was prevailing upon Constantine to close down the Schools of Novation, Valentinus, Donatus the Great, Marcion and especially the Priscillianists and

Paulicans. Their original teachings and rites were preserved for ages in secrecy, because of the tactics employed by the Catholics against them. Since I’ve documented the destruction of these schools and their teachers, during the third and forth centuries of this era, in my book, ‘Forbidden Truths Revealed’, I’ll pass on.


During the 9th Century of the Christian Era, the Sufis of Central Asia, with the help of the Taoists, Buddhists and Confuscists developed a wonderful school of Wisdom in Turkestan, the cultural capital of the day. The Sufis were more Christian than they were Moslem. In fact they

were often persecuted by Moslem leaders. They based their spiritual teachings for Moslems on the written word of the Prophet Mohammed, especially the Hadith which said, "You should include all knowledge and wisdom, even if it is found in China." This was similar to

a saying of Jesus, who said "Bring out of every other House, into the House of my Father, but do not take anything out the House of my Father or carry it off. You must therefore keep my Mysteries for the Sons of my House."3

The Sufis taught a special sacred dance made famous by the whirling dervishes. They loved mathematics and taught their Moslem hosts how to build the most beautiful and stunning mosques. They believed that behind the sacred name was a power which upheld the entire universe,

known as the Chi, the primordial life energy, which can be personally gained through certain exercises. It gives a much higher Consciousness.


With the arrival of the 17th and 18th Centuries, great minds like Francis Bacon, Louis Claude de Saint Martin, Emmanuel Kant, Isaac Newton, Swedenborg, Meister Eckhart and Jakob Boehme, began casting aside the secrecy which had shrouded the Secrets of

Divine Law and Mystery, because of persecution and suppression and begin to proclaim from the roof-tops, those things which had been veiled in secrecy.

By the turn of the 19th Century, we saw men and women like Rudolph Steiner, Richard Wagner, Count Hermann Keyserling, Annie Besant and Alice Bailey competing with rationalists, agnostics and charlatans like Hegel, Marx, Darwin and Rousseau for the minds of their fellow men.

Today, there is a revolution taking place all over America and indeed, the world. A growing hunger for the Divine behind all of life’s areas, is causing men and women to cast away time-worn dogmas and search for answers that work. Some people fill their minds with conspiracy theories

and retire from any course of constructive action because of self-made phantoms. Others, like Carl Jung, Richard Wilhelm, Paul Tillich, Gurdjieff, Rbindranath Tagore, Fritz Capra, Marylin Ferguson, Barbara Hubbard and myself, forge on, seeking to build a united Consciousness through working networks.

What I see emerging is the eventual realization of a great School of Wisdom that is already beginning to influence the lives and careers of multiplied thousands all over the world. We have not cast aside the quest for Awareness as taught by Budda, Jesus and Gurjieff; nor the

mathematics of Wheel, beautiful Sufi architecture or the music of Pythagorus. Nor do we intend to neglect the practices of advanced meditation, yoga, martial arts, dance and other disciples discovered by those seeking the presence of the Divine.

We are not likely to easily dispense with the sacred myths and mystery plays handed down to us by the Indians, peoples of the Yucatan peninsula, the Dogans of Africa, the Chaldeans and Jesus Christ himself. We shall cherish the teachings of Kirpal Singh and Sant Nanak, which lead on to PrimaSounds, nor, will we forget the contributions made by Joseph Campbell.

Even as we watch the disintegration of public education and institutions of higher learning, there is a ground-swell of hope. I don’t think that there will be a committee that votes for us to determines the exact curriculum that will be pursued. What I see is an evolution in Consciousness with the eventual manifestation, by God’s help, of a new School of Wisdom. With Love, I remain, Jeffrey Brackeen


1. The New York Times, 12-18-91

2. Washington Times 10-27-97

3. A quotation of Jesus found in Philip’s Gospel and quoted by Clement of Alexandria. Vs. 120, 121 Chap. 7, The Complete Gospel of Jesus Christ, Edited by Jeffrey Brackeen and Published by Koinonia Communications.

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