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War On America

  1. The Corruption of the Presidency
  2. A Common Currency for 34 Countries
  3. Danger form Executive Orders; The War on Mankind
  4. Al Gore's Promise of Wrenching Transformation of Society



"My people, go out from her. Deliver every man his won soul from the fierce anger of the LORD." - Jer. 51:45

"Her king and her princes are among the Gentiles; the law is no more." - Lam. 2:9

When the highest leader in the land turns away from the faith of our fathers and begins to use the platitudes of the lawless and non-believer, our country is in serious trouble. When our highest leader turns his nose up at the spiritual mores which built our nation and begins to live like some oriental despot, we can say that ‘we have come a long way baby!’

God asks such a President, "Shall you continue in office because you are currently surrounded with cedar? Did not your predecessors . . . do judgement and justice and was it not well with them? They judged the cause of the poor and the needy; was this not to Know Me?" - Jer. 22:15, 16

Our current President reflects the values of many of our people. We have not stood up against the Pornography peddlers or the purveyors of smut over our air waves and the manufactures of sex filled movies.


"How can I pardon this, your children have forsaken me and sworn by those who are no gods; when I fed them to the full, they then committed adultery and assembled themselves by troops in the harlot’s house. They are like well fed horses in the morning;

every one neighs after his neighbor's wife. Shall I not visit them for these things and shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?" - Jer. 5:7-9

Adultery, is not just an act between two consenting adults, it affects many others as well. Many feel that if two adults consent, that that makes it alright for homosexuals and adulterers to do whatever they wish. That lie is the couplet to another one which says that a woman has the right to

do what she wants with her body. Adultery is a sin against one’s own self and his spouse and children. The wise will remember the old saying, "Be sure your sins will find you out."

Today, we have laws on the books against stealing another man’s property. In fact our laws against writing bad checks are far severer that our laws against adultery. If a man steals property worth a certain monetary value, he goes to jail. If he steals or alienates the affection of

someone’s spouse, it is merely a joke. Those like him will laugh and joke about it. In ancient Israel the penalty for adultery was death. Before their conversion to Christianity, the German tribes would drive an adulterous woman into the forests. Needless to say, she would not live long.


"Woe to the judges that decree unrighteous decrees and to legislators who enact legislation to turn aside the needy from a righteous judgement and TO TAKE AWAY THE INHERITANCE OF THE POOR, making widows their prey and robbing orphans! - Isa. 10:1, 2

"They have grown fat, their deeds surpass those of the wicked. They do not judge the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper! The right of the widow they pass over. Shall I not visit them for these things, says the LORD. Shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? - Jer. 5:28, 29

Under the guise of being tough on crime, our legislators have created enormous prisons to house people who should not be placed in them. They have drafted legislation declaring "Three strikes and you’re out." Currently, three per cent of our entire population is either in prison or on parole.

What, you ask, should be done with the criminal? I believe that if we are dealing with theft, restitution should be mandated. If a man steals a hundred dollars, he should restore it four fold. If he refuses to work and pay off his debt to the person he defrauded,

perhaps we should revert back to the ancient practice of horse-wiping the recalcitrant. If he tries to run away, severer punishment should be meted out for contempt of court.

As it stands today, the aggrieved person is seldom recompensed for robbery or theft. Instead, his taxes are raised to pay for new and bigger prisons where the convicted criminal costs between thirty to eighty thousand dollars per year to ‘rehabilitate’. What a joke! Our prisons are the universities for crime.

|T hose convicted of peddling drugs to children should be executed without mercy, along with other first degree murderers. The administration’s ‘war on drugs’ is another joke. This war will not be won until we get as serious as we did in World War II.


"Just as the partridge sits on eggs to hatch them but does not succeed, so is he who gets ill-gotten riches. He shall leave them in the midst of his years and his end will be that of a fool." - Jer. 17:11


Part of our problem today, is we have too many lawyers who encourage the greed of their neighbors. Consequently, we have female employees who make false accusations against employers, so they can sue them. We have others who claim disability so that

they can draw compensation for the rest of their lives, when in truth, they are quite able to work.

But the attorneys have come up with a bigger ponzie. Sue tobacco companies, in the name of the people, for outrageous sums and pocket most of the proceeds. Even our legislators have gotten in on the band wagon. Next, will come lawsuits against coal

mines on behalf of miners of course and lawsuits against medical associations and on and on. Maybe Fidel Castro was right when he had most of the lawyers in Cuba executed. You may think me a radical but we cannot overlook the crimes of lawyers and

barristers. Corruption must be resisted and overcome or the entire society will be poisoned.


The true sign of a sick society is its penchant for gambling. Gambling is bad enough when citizens engage in it but when the state adopts gambling as a means to raise revenue, it shows just how far that society has sank. I live in a state that has many

casinos owned by Native Americans. I do not begrudge them any money they can make off the White man but I do condemn the stupidity of state legislators who permit ‘gaming’. I have seen

many homeless persons who got there because of their addiction to gambling. Gambling like alcoholism affects the entire family, not just the addicts.


Gambling takes many forms and shapes but few can match the earnings of currency speculators. There are wicked individuals today, who raise vast sums of money from investors for the purpose of pitting one nation’s currency against the ups and

downs of the marketplace. By investing vast sums into these markets and then withdrawing them, they can literally destroy the economy of nations, as is now happening in Asia!


Others, raise vast sums of money from investors so that they can take over companies by leveraged buy outs. They then pocket the reserves that those companies may have built up over the years and then sell off valuable assets to indulge their greed. These practices often throw workers into unemployment.

Then, we have the small investor in today’s stock market. Since our federal legislators have dipped into the Social Security trust fund to pay for their doon-boggles and pork barrel projects, it is projected to go broke just after the turn of the century. Many are

therefore being encouraged to invest their life’s savings in the stock market. The vast majority are woefully ignorant that the value of the stocks they are investing in, are way over priced- many as much as sixty per cent over their actual worth.

"My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken me the Fountain of Living Waters and have hewn themselves out cisterns - broken cisterns - that cannot hold water." - Jer. 2. 13


When our forefathers came to these shores, they gave us a Constitution that insured that the creation of money would not be left in the hands of bankers. In fact, this was just as much a cause for the War of Independence as the pitiful tax on tea and

documents. The actual historical records reveal that the Rothschilds had prevailed upon the King of England to create a new money in the Colonies which would replace the Script which the Colonies were using and getting rich by so doing. The new money replaced the Script at a very high price causing massive unemployment.

Victorious in war, our fathers saw the wisdom of having Congress regulate the value of coin and paper dollars. But sad to relate, our Congress betrayed the nation by permitting the bankers to create the Federal Reserve Act. There is nothing

‘Federal’ about it. It is owned by the stock-holders in twelve regional banks. They not only have debased our currency by giving us peanut butter coins but they also collect interest on every dollar issued. President Lincoln was assassinated because he

dared to defy the bankers when he caused to be issued ‘greenbacks’ with no interest for the bankers. For years, Congressman Thorkelson from Montana and Senator McFadden urged their fellow Senators and Congressmen to take back the

issuing power from the bankers and return it to Congress. Both of these men suffered terrible fates at the hands of the bankers and their avaricious greed. Much of our national debt is owned because of the bankers.


Several years ago, I had a conversation with some Jesuit priests, who hinted to me about a secret plan that they were pursuing to bring into this country immigrants from Catholic countries. I did not consider this all bad because we do need

workers in our fields and vineyards. But to use this method to change the complexion of voting precincts is somewhat underhanded I think. Today we are seeing wave after wave of illegal immigrants crossing our borders by ship, by plane and by foot. They are overwhelming our emergency medical and social agencies.

N.A.F.T.A. has not helped our people in the way that out leaders promised. Instead, we have seen many high paying jobs exported to other countries to increase the profits of corporate executives and stock investors. Those hired to replace our

workers, in those countries, are paid mere stipends - not real wages. Our industrial base has been greatly eroded and our balance of payments has become extremely lopsided.


In the last campaign for the Presidency, Patrick Buchanan tried to warn our nation of its drift away from a fixed and determined industrial policy that protects core and basic

industries. We desperately need such a policy. Free trade does not mean that we need to undermine key industries because someone somewhere can do something a little cheaper.


Whenever a country fails to protect its farmers from exploitative commodity policies, it is in real danger of having thousands starve to death in time of war or other disasters. Today, we have about five giant companies such as Cargill and

Continental who dominate and exploit our farmers. Thousands of farmers are being forced off farms which their grandfathers homesteaded. I must tell you that corporate farms are not the answer. Many of them are also going broke.


"The ancient and honorable one is the head and the prophet that teaches lies is the tail. Therefore, the LORD will cut off from the land, head and tail, branch and rush, IN ONE DAY. For the leaders of this people cause them to err and those who follow them are destroyed." - Isa. 9:14-16


"A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land: The prophets prophesy falsely and the priests exercise rule by their [devious] means and MY PEOPLE LOVE TO HAVE IT SO, but what will you do in the end thereof?" - Jer. 5: 30,31

"They bend their tongues like a bow for their lies: BUT THEY ARE NOT VALIANT FOR THE TRUTH UPON THE EARTH." - Jer. 9:3

"FROM THE LEAST OF THEM TO THE GREATEST, EVERY ONE OF THEM IS GIVEN TO COVETOUSNESS, from the prophet, even to the priest, every one deals falsely: They have healed the hurt of my people slightly, SAYING PEACE, PEACE, WHEN THERE WILL BE NO PEACE."- Jer. 6:13, 14

"Therefore, will I give their wives to others and their fields to others who shall inherit them: for EVERY ONE FROM THE LEAST TO THE GREATEST IS GIVEN TO COVETOUSNESS, From the prophet to the priest, every one deals falsely. For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, SAYING PEACE, PEACE, WHEN THERE WILL BE NO PEACE." - Jer. 8:10, 11

Why is this statement issued twice? Because these are the teachers and preachers who teach that all Believers will be Raptured before the Tribulation, causing them to bury their talent in the ground! We must come out and fight corruption!

"Thus says the LORD, ‘The prophets prophesy lies in my Name: I did not send them, neither did I command them, nor speak to them. They prophesy unto you a False Vision and a divination of things of naught and the deceit of their own heart." - Jer. 14:14

"For every one that is crazy, makes himself a prophet. You should put them in prison and in stocks.!" - Jer. 29:26

One who fits this bill is Bill Philips, head of the United Church of Canada. He denies the resurrection of Christ and the existence of Heaven and Hell. Another is R. G. Stair of Walterborough,

South Carolina, who has issued many false prophecies that never came true. Another is Charles Meade of End Time Ministries in Lake City, Florida. His prophecies of the end of the world never came to pass. -

With Love, I remain, Jeffrey Brackeen

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